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  1. Lateral Horn
  2. ganglion shared with cardiac sensory nerves
  3. Ventral Horn
  4. Preganglionic sympathetic neurons pathway
  5. SA node positive and negative innervation by
  1. a T1 through T4 or T5
  2. b myelinated neurons with cell bodies in Lateral horn, that leave the spinal cord in ventral root, join the afferent sensory fibers in spinal cord after DRG, pass via white rami communicantes to paravertebral ganglia of sympathetic trunk.
  3. c sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  4. d contains cell bodies visceral efferent fibers
  5. e contains somatic efferent fibers

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  1. CNS PNS
  2. radiates from substernal and left pectoral regions to left shoulder and medial aspect of left upper limb
  3. synapse with excitor neuron/postganglionic sympathetic neuron in the ganglion
  4. Cranial Nerves and ganglia
    • Spinal nerves and ganglia
  5. the connections between preganglionic visceral efferent fibers and post ganglionic visceral efferent fibers to and from the spinal cord, white is pre- grey is post-ganglionic.

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  1. Sympathetic Nervous systemincreased HR, dilated pupils, constricted arterioles in skin and intestine, dilated muscular arterioles, high BP, pale face, dry mouth, hair stands up, blood rushes to brain heart and skel muscle preferentially, closed alimentary and urinary tract sphincters, bronchi and bronchioles dilated


  2. Effects of sympathetic stimulation of the heartfrom upper 5-6 segments of thoracic spinal cord lateral horn


  3. Lesser Splanchnic nerveT12. pierces diaphragm and synpases at ganglia of renal plexus


  4. Spinal Nerve rootsboth sensory and motor nerve fibers


  5. Superficial Cardiac Plexusbetween aortic arch and trachial bifurcation


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