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  1. effects of sympathetic nervous system
  2. Left bundle of His stimulate:
  3. functional components of spinal nerve
  4. cervical postganglionic sympathetic grey fibers
  5. postganglionic sympathetic neurons
  1. a innervate smooth msucels and glands of head neck and upper extremities and heart
  2. b non-myelinated neurons that leave the ganglion and pass to spinal nerves as gray rami communicantes to spinal nerve and distributed to smooth muscles in wall of blood vessles, sweat glands arrector pili,
  3. c increased HR, dilated pupils, constricted arterioles in skin and intestine, dilated muscular arterioles, high BP, pale face, dry mouth, hair stands up, blood rushes to brain heart and skel muscle preferentially, closed alimentary and urinary tract sphincters, bronchi and bronchioles dilated
  4. d General Somatic Afferent
    General Visceral Afferent
    General Somatic Efferent
    General Visceral Efferent
  5. e interventricular septum muscles, anterior and posterior papillary msucles and wall of left ventricle

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  1. synapse with excitor neuron/postganglionic sympathetic neuron in the ganglion
  2. superficial and deep
  3. acts in sympathy with emotions; fight or flight; more extensive of the ANS branches, ratio of afferent to efferent is 1 to 17;
  4. vagus nerve
  5. contains somatic and visceral efferent fibers

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  1. Lateral Horncontains somatic efferent fibers


  2. Greater splanchnic nerveT5 to T9. pierces the crus of diaphragm and synapses at ganglia of celiac plexus, renal plexus and suprarenal medulla


  3. Dorsal root of spinal nervecontains visceral and somatic AFFERENT fibers


  4. cervical and third and fourth thoracic sympathetic gangliainnervate smooth msucels and glands of head neck and upper extremities and heart


  5. Parasympathetic preganglionic cell bodiesvagus nerve


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