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  1. Parasympaathetic effect
  2. white and grey rami communicantes
  3. ratio of pre to post ganglionic PARASYMPATHETIC fibers
  4. Nervous system subdivisions
  5. Dorsal root of spinal nerve
  1. a reverses the change from sympathetic innervation. rest and digest; slower HR, pupils constricted, secretion of saliva and intestinal juices, sphincters relaxes, bladder contracts, glycogen synthesis allowed
  2. b contains visceral and somatic AFFERENT fibers
  3. c 1 to 3
  4. d CNS PNS
  5. e the connections between preganglionic visceral efferent fibers and post ganglionic visceral efferent fibers to and from the spinal cord, white is pre- grey is post-ganglionic.

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  1. contains cell bodies of somatic and visceral afferent nerve fibers
  2. innervate smooth msucels and glands of head neck and upper extremities and heart
  3. SA node, AV node, cardiac muscle cells, coronary arteries
  4. myelinated neurons with cell bodies in Lateral horn, that leave the spinal cord in ventral root, join the afferent sensory fibers in spinal cord after DRG, pass via white rami communicantes to paravertebral ganglia of sympathetic trunk.
  5. SA node

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  1. referred painpain perceived at different location than its source


  2. General Somatic Afferentmotor information from spinal cord to skeletal muscles


  3. AV node locationinitiates contraction of the heart


  4. Ventral Horncontains cell bodies visceral efferent fibers


  5. Cardiac plexuslocated below the arch of the aorta, formed by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves


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