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  1. CNS includes
  2. Purkinje fibers
  3. Brainstem cells located in the
  4. DRG
  5. mechanism of PS post synaptic innervation
  1. a where AV bundle branches split and extend to walls of ventricles
  2. b contains cell bodies of somatic and visceral afferent nerve fibers
  3. c occulomotor nerve, facial nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve, Vagus nerve
  4. d acetylcholine binds muscarinic receptors to slow rate of depolarzation of PM cells and atrioventricular conduction and decreases contractility
  5. e brain and spinal cord

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  1. the connections between preganglionic visceral efferent fibers and post ganglionic visceral efferent fibers to and from the spinal cord, white is pre- grey is post-ganglionic.
  2. HT and Brain stem
  3. interventricular septum muscles, anterior and posterior papillary msucles and wall of left ventricle
  4. inferior to aortic arh between aortic arch and pulmonary trunk
  5. contains cell bodies visceral efferent fibers

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  1. Ventral Horncontains somatic efferent fibers


  2. PS activation effects on heartfrom upper 5-6 segments of thoracic spinal cord lateral horn


  3. ANS branchesincludes Sympathetic and Parasympathetic branches - together maintain homeostasis


  4. From sympathetic trunk ganglia, efferent sympathetic fibers:1 to 17


  5. angina pectorisradiates from substernal and left pectoral regions to left shoulder and medial aspect of left upper limb


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