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  1. Superficial Cardiac Plexus
  2. Parasympathetic Nervous system outflow
  3. Preganglionic sympathetic neurons pathway
  4. postganglionic sympathetic neurons
  5. effects of sympathetic nervous system
  1. a cranial nerves and sacral nerves 2-3-4
  2. b myelinated neurons with cell bodies in Lateral horn, that leave the spinal cord in ventral root, join the afferent sensory fibers in spinal cord after DRG, pass via white rami communicantes to paravertebral ganglia of sympathetic trunk.
  3. c inferior to aortic arh between aortic arch and pulmonary trunk
  4. d non-myelinated neurons that leave the ganglion and pass to spinal nerves as gray rami communicantes to spinal nerve and distributed to smooth muscles in wall of blood vessles, sweat glands arrector pili,
  5. e increased HR, dilated pupils, constricted arterioles in skin and intestine, dilated muscular arterioles, high BP, pale face, dry mouth, hair stands up, blood rushes to brain heart and skel muscle preferentially, closed alimentary and urinary tract sphincters, bronchi and bronchioles dilated

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  1. 1 to 17
  2. Dorsal and Ventral
  3. carries sensations from body wall to spinal cord: pain, touch, temp proprioception and pressure
  4. SA node, AV node, Coronary arteries
  5. formed by efferent preganglionic sympathetic neurons that do not synapse on postganglionic neurons until closer to the effector organ

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  1. Brainstem cells located in thesubendothelial layer of heart at juntion of SVC and right atrium near superior end of crista terminalis


  2. referred painpain perceived at different location than its source


  3. Cardiac plexusbetween aortic arch and trachial bifurcation


  4. Lesser Splanchnic nerveT5 to T9. pierces the crus of diaphragm and synapses at ganglia of celiac plexus, renal plexus and suprarenal medulla


  5. Lateral Horncontains somatic efferent fibers


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