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  1. ANS branches
  2. Parasympathetic preganglionic cell bodies
  3. SA node location
  4. cervical postganglionic sympathetic grey fibers
  5. SA node function
  1. a subendothelial layer of heart at juntion of SVC and right atrium near superior end of crista terminalis
  2. b includes Sympathetic and Parasympathetic branches - together maintain homeostasis
  3. c initiates contraction of the heart
  4. d located in brain stem and grey matter of sacral segments of spinal cord S2,3,4
  5. e innervate smooth msucels and glands of head neck and upper extremities and heart

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  1. located below the arch of the aorta, formed by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves
  2. vesceral organs, BVs and secretory glands
  3. T1 through T3 shared by upper limb cutanous nerves
  4. Cranial Nerves and ganglia
    • Spinal nerves and ganglia
  5. synapse with excitor neuron/postganglionic sympathetic neuron in the ganglion

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  1. AV node receives signal fromSA node


  2. effects of sympathetic nervous systemincreased HR, dilated pupils, constricted arterioles in skin and intestine, dilated muscular arterioles, high BP, pale face, dry mouth, hair stands up, blood rushes to brain heart and skel muscle preferentially, closed alimentary and urinary tract sphincters, bronchi and bronchioles dilated


  3. SA node signal sent tomyocardial tissue of both atria


  4. angina pectorislocated below the arch of the aorta, formed by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves


  5. Cardiac Plexusessuperficial and deep


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