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  1. AV node receives signal from
  2. spinal thoracic segments innervating heart
  3. Ventral Horn
  4. Effects of sympathetic stimulation of the heart
  5. sympathetic innervation of the heart
  1. a T1 to T5 or T6
  2. b SA node
  3. c contains somatic efferent fibers
  4. d from upper 5-6 segments of thoracic spinal cord lateral horn
  5. e cardiac acceleration, increased force of contraction, dilation of coronary arteries,

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  1. sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  2. between aortic arch and trachial bifurcation
  3. medial cutaneous nerve of the arm, medial cutaneous nerve of the forearm, ulnar nerves
  4. contains visceral and somatic AFFERENT fibers
  5. contains somatic and visceral efferent fibers

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  1. sympathetic innervation of the heart terminates onfrom upper 5-6 segments of thoracic spinal cord lateral horn


  2. Preganglionic sympathetic neurons pathwaymyelinated neurons with cell bodies in Lateral horn, that leave the spinal cord in ventral root, join the afferent sensory fibers in spinal cord after DRG, pass via white rami communicantes to paravertebral ganglia of sympathetic trunk.


  3. ratio of pre to post ganglionic PARASYMPATHETIC fibersinnervate smooth msucels and glands of head neck and upper extremities and heart


  4. mechanism of PS post synaptic innervationvesceral organs, BVs and secretory glands


  5. General Visceral Afferentmotor information from spinal cord to cardiac muscle, smooth muscles of viscera and glands


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