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  1. echolalia
  2. siren
  3. paean
  4. marathon
  5. mercurial
  1. a quick; vivacious; active; lively; inconstant; unstable; capricious; subject to rapid and unpredictable mood changes
  2. b dangerous, attractive woman; woman who sings with bewitching sweetness; apparatus for sounding loud warnings
  3. c song or hymn of praise, joy, or triumph
  4. d long distance footrace of 26 miles, 385 yards; endurance contest
  5. e automatic and immediate repetition of what others say

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  1. having colors like the rainbow
  2. of enormous strength, size or power
  3. cruel; harsh; severe; ironhanded
  4. excite a hope but prevent its fulfillment; tease
  5. full or confusing passageways; intricate; complicated, like the Labyrinth

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  1. plutocratichaving great influence because of one's wealth


  2. solonlegislator, wise lawgiver


  3. bacchanalianjovial or wild with drunkenness


  4. proteanexceedingly variable; readily assuming different forms or shapes


  5. aegisvery handsome young man


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