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  1. eristic
  2. Draconian
  3. saturnine
  4. Spartan
  5. martial
  1. a marked by simplicity and avoidance of comfort; marked by self-discipline, bravery, and ability to endure pain
  2. b pertaining to war; warlike
  3. c prone to controversy; disputatious; argumentative
  4. d heavy; dull; sullen; gloomy; morose
  5. e cruel; harsh; severe; ironhanded

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  1. quick; vivacious; active; lively; inconstant; unstable; capricious; subject to rapid and unpredictable mood changes
  2. animal life; animals of a particular region or period
  3. exceedingly variable; readily assuming different forms or shapes
  4. long series of wanderings or travels
  5. pertaining to the drama or acting

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  1. titanicsudden, overpowering terror, sometimes causing mass flight


  2. floramedium or place for open discussion and expression of ideas--public meeting, radio or TV discussion, editorial page, etc.


  3. Procrusteanexceedingly variable; readily assuming different forms or shapes


  4. atlasbook of maps


  5. bacchanalianjovial or wild with drunkenness


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