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  1. hermetic
  2. tantalize
  3. odyssey
  4. Olympian
  5. labyrinthine
  1. a excite a hope but prevent its fulfillment; tease
  2. b long series of wanderings or travels
  3. c airtight; secret; obscure; magical; mysterious
  4. d full or confusing passageways; intricate; complicated, like the Labyrinth
  5. e majestic; godlike; lofty; having to do with the Olympic games

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  1. sudden, overpowering terror, sometimes causing mass flight
  2. book of maps
  3. prone to controversy; disputatious; argumentative
  4. infernal; especially dark; gloomy
  5. heavy; dull; sullen; gloomy; morose

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  1. laconicvery handsome young man


  2. Adonisshield or protection; auspices; sponsorship


  3. narcissisticin love with oneself; excessively fascinated and gratified by one's own physical and mental qualities; egocentric


  4. ambrosialquick; vivacious; active; lively; inconstant; unstable; capricious; subject to rapid and unpredictable mood changes


  5. marathonobedient and unquestioning follower


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