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  1. Adonis
  2. narcissistic
  3. Cassandra
  4. siren
  5. philippic
  1. a in love with oneself; excessively fascinated and gratified by one's own physical and mental qualities; egocentric
  2. b very handsome young man
  3. c bitter denunciation; tirade
  4. d one who prophesies doom or disaster; pessimist
  5. e dangerous, attractive woman; woman who sings with bewitching sweetness; apparatus for sounding loud warnings

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  1. automatic and immediate repetition of what others say
  2. tall, strong, bold woman
  3. very difficult; requiring the strength of Hercules
  4. marked by simplicity and avoidance of comfort; marked by self-discipline, bravery, and ability to endure pain
  5. fantastic; unreal; impossible; absurd

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  1. Procrusteancruel or inflexible in enforcing conformity


  2. ambrosialexceptionally pleasing to taste or smell; extremely delicious; excellent


  3. floraplant life; plants of a particular region or period


  4. nemesisdue punishment for evil deeds; one who inflicts such punishment


  5. titanicof enormous strength, size or power


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