Chapter 19 - Blood

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production of oxygen

What is not a major function of the blood?


Which precursor cells eventually give rise to platelets?


Which cells eventually turn into macrophages?


When blood from a normal adult is centrifuged, which component occupies the largest volume?

100.4 F

The normal average temperature for blood is?


Which of the following formed elements found in the blood are derived from reticulocytes?


Which of the following precursor cells give rise to agranular leukocytes?


A high count of which white blood cell could indicate cancer or hypothyroidism?


What blood type is a person if their plasma contains only anti-A agglutinin?


Which of the following blood cells phagocytizes antigen-antibody complexes and are effective against parasitic worms?

gas transport

The major function of red blood cells is?

vascular spasm, platelet plug formation, clotting

Which of following correctly lists the sequence of steps that occur during hemostasis in response to a damaged blood vessel?


Which of the following is NOT a common component of circulating blood?

store iron in the liver

Ferritin is a protein used to what?


Which of the following precursor cells eventually give rise to neutrophils?


Towards the end of erythropoiesis in the bone marrow, a red blood cell loses its nucleus and becomes a?

a platelet

A megakaryoblast will develop into?


During hemopoiesis, some of the myeloid stem cells will eventually develop into?

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