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  1. What is Tay-Sachs Disease?
  2. What is Hemophilia?
  3. What defines a dominant pedigree?
  4. What is co-dominance?
  5. How do you know if a recessive pedigree is autosomal?
  1. a Roughly equal numbers of males and females are affected; female carriers pass trait on to BOTH sons and daughters equally
  2. b One or both parents show the trait; no generations are skipped
  3. c Lipid accumulation in brain cells; mental deficiency; blindness
  4. d Excessive bleedings due to missing protein important for blood clotting
  5. e The expression of both alleles

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  1. Lack of pigment in skin, hair and eyes
  2. One
  3. 1) cleft chin
    2) widow's peak
    3) detached earlobes
    4) hitchhikers thumb
  4. 1) blood transfusions
    2) paternity
    3) transplants

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  1. What are the three sex linked recessive disorders?1) Color Blindness
    2) Hemophilia
    3) Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


  2. How do you know if a dominant pedigree is autosomal?Male with trait DOES NOT pass the trait to all of his daughters


  3. Dead male (description)Square with a line through it


  4. What is Glactosemia?Accumulation of galactose (a sugar) in tissues; mental retardation, eye and liver damage


  5. How do you know if a dominant pedigree is sex linked?More males than females affected; Female carriers pass trait on to male sons


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