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  1. Affected male (image)
  2. How do you know if a dominant pedigree is autosomal?
  3. What is co-dominance?
  4. What is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?
  5. What are three Autosomal dominant disorders?
  1. a Progressive weakening and loss of skeletal muscle - missing protein needed from proper muscle development
  2. b
  3. c The expression of both alleles
  4. d Male with trait DOES NOT pass the trait to all of his daughters
  5. e 1) Achondroplasia
    2) Huntington's Disease
    3) Hypercholesterolemia

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  1. Mental retardation and uncontrollable movements; appears in middle age, leads to death
  2. Excess mucus in lungs, digestive tract and liver
  3. Unable to see certain colors
  4. When the two alleles inherited from the parents are neither dominant nor recessive, but blend together to give a physical trait that is somewhere between the two

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  1. What is Phenylketonuria?Accumulation of galactose (a sugar) in tissues; mental retardation, eye and liver damage


  2. What defines a recessive pedigree?When parents do not show the trait, but have children who do; a generation is skipped


  3. Dead male (description)Circle with a line through it


  4. How do you know if a recessive pedigree is autosomal?Roughly equal numbers of males and females are affected; female carriers pass trait on to BOTH sons and daughters equally


  5. What defines a dominant pedigree?One or both parents show the trait; no generations are skipped


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