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  1. alienate
  2. endure
  3. countenance
  4. ambiance
  5. tether
  1. a a rope or chain that allows limited movement; the limit of one's resources
  2. b mood, feeling, general atmosphere
  3. c to carry on, put up with
  4. d a person's face, especially the expression
  5. e to make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged

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  1. easily angered, irritable
  2. general rather than specific; to form a general conclusion
  3. something one hopes to achieve; goal
  4. easily taught or controlled; obedient, easy to handle
  5. to abandon, to give up, to renounce

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  1. girddistance around something


  2. laconicto express sorrow or regret


  3. enticeto lure, to attract, to tempt in a pleasing fashion


  4. bulwarkto rob of goods by violent seizure, plunder; to take as spoils


  5. bludgeonshort heavy club


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