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  1. connoisseur
  2. cloister
  3. cerebral
  4. atrophy
  5. criterion
  1. a a standard or rule by which something can be judged, a basis for judgment
  2. b an expert in matters of taste
  3. c to wither away
  4. d of or relating to the brain
  5. e a tranquil-, secluded place

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  1. stern, as in manner; without excess
  2. deeply learned, scholarly
  3. a turning or twisting force
  4. small and sprightly; mischievous, fairylike
  5. to carry on, put up with

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  1. dromedaryto accumulate for future use; stockpile


  2. harrowingextremely distressed, disturbing


  3. prowessto rob of goods by violent seizure, plunder; to take as spoils


  4. antecedentgoing before; preceding; an occurrence or event preceding another


  5. cacophonyharsh sounds


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