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  1. embody
  2. claimant
  3. chasm
  4. bulwark
  5. disperse
  1. a to give bodily form to; to personify; to make part of a system
  2. b a person making a claim
  3. c a deep opening in the earth's surface; a gorge; differences of opinion or interests
  4. d to scatter in various directions; distribute widely
  5. e a defensive wall

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  1. of or relating to the brain
  2. easily angered, irritable
  3. unreal reflection; an optical illusion
  4. depressing, gloomy, dark
  5. to lure, to attract, to tempt in a pleasing fashion

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  1. ambiancea worker skilled in a craft


  2. musterto collect or gather; the act of inspection or critical examination


  3. insouciantcalm and carefree; lighthearted


  4. accoladeto make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged


  5. pillageunreal reflection; an optical illusion


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