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  1. muster
  2. asunder
  3. evade
  4. resurgent
  5. beleaguer
  1. a a rise after defeat
  2. b to collect or gather; the act of inspection or critical examination
  3. c to surround, harass
  4. d into separate parts
  5. e to elude or avoid

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  1. mood, feeling, general atmosphere
  2. a defensive wall
  3. unsafe, unsteady, unstable
  4. to talk nonsensically
  5. a tranquil-, secluded place

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  1. atrophyto give bodily form to; to personify; to make part of a system


  2. elfinsmall and sprightly; mischievous, fairylike


  3. begeta rope or chain that allows limited movement; the limit of one's resources


  4. dromedaryto refrain from


  5. claimantto express sorrow or regret


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