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  1. austere
  2. glutton
  3. sundry
  4. entice
  5. astute
  1. a stern, as in manner; without excess
  2. b various, several miscellaneous
  3. c one who eats or consumes a great deal; having capacity to receive or withstand something
  4. d to lure, to attract, to tempt in a pleasing fashion
  5. e quick in discernment; shrewd, clever, keen

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  1. melodious, soft, soothing
  2. the violent overthrow of a government by a small group; a victorious accomplishment
  3. brief, using few words
  4. appearance, semblance
  5. to rob of goods by violent seizure, plunder; to take as spoils

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  1. giddyto encircle as with a belt; to prepare as for action


  2. procrastinateto put off until a later time


  3. elapseto pass or go by (said of time)


  4. aspiresomething one hopes to achieve; goal


  5. ambiancea worker skilled in a craft


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