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  1. denounce
  2. myriad
  3. askew
  4. atrophy
  5. gossamer
  1. a to wither away
  2. b to condemn; to expose critically
  3. c an extremely large number
  4. d to one side; crooked
  5. e sheer, gauzy, delicate, flimsy

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  1. to pass or go by (said of time)
  2. to look very carefully; to examine
  3. general rather than specific; to form a general conclusion
  4. a person's face, especially the expression
  5. unreal reflection; an optical illusion

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  1. caucusunfeeling, insensitive


  2. antecedentto give birth to; to create


  3. truncateto shorten by cutting off


  4. cerebralof or relating to the brain


  5. tetherto talk nonsensically


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