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  1. accolade
  2. incongruous
  3. badger
  4. elapse
  5. chasm
  1. a to tease, annoy, harass persistently
  2. b a deep opening in the earth's surface; a gorge; differences of opinion or interests
  3. c award of merit; strong praise and approval
  4. d to pass or go by (said of time)
  5. e not appropriate

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  1. going before; preceding; an occurrence or event preceding another
  2. a rope or chain that allows limited movement; the limit of one's resources
  3. unreal reflection; an optical illusion
  4. to refrain from
  5. a light-headed sensation, dizzy

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  1. coteriea circle of close friends


  2. forageto search or hunt for food and provision


  3. asunderinto separate parts


  4. cloistera tranquil-, secluded place


  5. austerestern, as in manner; without excess


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