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  1. bulwark
  2. endure
  3. incongruous
  4. austere
  5. badger
  1. a to tease, annoy, harass persistently
  2. b a defensive wall
  3. c to carry on, put up with
  4. d not appropriate
  5. e stern, as in manner; without excess

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  1. to understand fully; to penetrate the meaning of
  2. of or relating to the brain
  3. to wither away
  4. to decrease gradually
  5. a fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold

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  1. torquea turning or twisting force


  2. insoucianta rise after defeat


  3. bludgeonto tease, annoy, harass persistently


  4. coteriea circle of close friends


  5. cubisma style of art using geometric shapes


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