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6th (YR1) Grade SAT Vocabulary Test

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  1. curtail
  2. callous
  3. ubiquitous
  4. harrowing
  5. forsake
  1. a to truncate or abridge; to lessen, usually by cutting away from
  2. b extremely distressed, disturbing
  3. c to abandon, to give up, to renounce
  4. d unfeeling, insensitive
  5. e the quality of being everywhere (or seeming to) at the same time

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. distance around something
  2. award of merit; strong praise and approval
  3. a standard or rule by which something can be judged, a basis for judgment
  4. to give birth to; to create
  5. to make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged

5 True/False Questions

  1. cloisterdepressing, gloomy, dark


  2. denounceto condemn; to expose critically


  3. migratorydistance around something


  4. dulcetmelodious, soft, soothing


  5. caucusunfeeling, insensitive


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