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  1. glutton
  2. incongruous
  3. blather
  4. defame
  5. elfin
  1. a not appropriate
  2. b to talk nonsensically
  3. c to libel or slander; take away a good name
  4. d small and sprightly; mischievous, fairylike
  5. e one who eats or consumes a great deal; having capacity to receive or withstand something

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  1. quick in discernment; shrewd, clever, keen
  2. to carry on, put up with
  3. a style of art using geometric shapes
  4. going before; preceding; an occurrence or event preceding another
  5. unsafe, unsteady, unstable

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  1. amenablemood, feeling, general atmosphere


  2. bludgeonshort heavy club


  3. austereto collect or gather; the act of inspection or critical examination


  4. truncatemelodious, soft, soothing


  5. lamenta person making a claim


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