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  1. Iconostasis
  2. Scholarship
  3. Monasticism
  4. Gregorian Chant
  5. Barbarian
  1. a screen on sanctuary
  2. b studying, learning, and writing
  3. c invading German tribes
  4. d plain chant named after Gregory I
  5. e monks/nuns live, work, and pray together

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  1. Here monks or nuns would spend long hours studying and copying out precious manuscripts
  2. Washing facilities and toilets
  3. workroom in a monastery where monks wrote, copied and decorated manuscripts by hand
  4. division or separation
  5. The administration building where the community met with the abbot or abbess

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  1. Cellarium and Kitchenplain chant named after Gregory I


  2. Infirmarydivision or separation


  3. Orthodoxpublic worship of the Church


  4. Abbeyreligious image or picture


  5. Ecumenical Councilplain chant named after Gregory I


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