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  1. Infirmary
  2. Abbot/Abbess
  3. Lay Brothers
  4. Lavatorium and the Necessarium
  5. Ecumenical Council
  1. a meeting of official leaders of the Church
  2. b Washing facilities and toilets
  3. c monks not ordained
  4. d Where sick members of the community and outsiders were cared for
  5. e monastery leader

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  1. Accommodation for visitors to the monastery
  2. invading German tribes
  3. Food or money were given here to those in need who called at the monastery
  4. The administration building where the community met with the abbot or abbess
  5. public worship of the Church

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  1. Iconsdivision or separation


  2. CloistersThe place of worship where the community gathered to pray and celebrate the Liturgy. The central courtyard of monastery.A square courtyard surrounded by covered walkways


  3. Orthodoxright belief


  4. DormitoriesWhere the monks or nuns slept


  5. Cellarium and Kitchenplain chant named after Gregory I


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