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  1. Menos que...
  2. ¿No te gusta?/¿No le gusta?
  3. Besamé.
  4. Muy mal.
  5. No le creo.
  1. a Very badly.
  2. b Don't you like it? (informal/formal)
  3. c Kiss me.
  4. d I don't believe you.
  5. e Less than...

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  1. Where are you? (formal), Where are you? (informal)
  2. What time is it?

  3. controversy
  4. We live near California and Division.
  5. On time.

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  1. ¿Se escucha la noticia?
    Did you listen to the news?


  2. No me gusta.I don't like it.


  3. ¿Tienes hambre?I am hungry.


  4. Tengo mucho frio.I am hungry.


  5. ¿Hiciste café?Did you make coffee?


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