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  1. Tengo [numero] años.
  2. Menos que...
  3. Vamos a llegar tarde.
  4. ¿Como está?
  5. derecha
  1. a Less than...
  2. b
  3. c How are you? (singular, formal)
  4. d I am [number] years old.
  5. e We are going to be late.

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  1. Did you get a coffee?
  2. Badly.
  3. Please pick up milk from the store.
  4. Very well.

  5. the world

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  1. semanaweek


  2. Vivimos cerca de California y Division.We are going to be late.


  3. Hice café.I love you.


  4. ayerday


  5. ¡Que rapido!how fast!


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