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  1. Así es.
  2. Vivimos cerca de California y Division.
  3. meses
  4. ¡Qué frio hace!
  5. ¿Como se llama?
  1. a months
  2. b It is., That's right.
  3. c It's really cold!
  4. d What is his/her name?, What is this called?
  5. e We live near California and Division.

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  1. How are you? (singular, formal)
  2. Very well.
  3. I have to go.

  4. left
  5. yesterday

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  1. Te amo tambien.I love you too.


  2. No le creo.Just kidding!


  3. Me gusta.Better.


  4. Hace mal tiempo.The weather is nice.


  5. ¿Perdon?Good/fine/well.


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