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  1. REGENCY ENGLAND. The age of Elegance and Display. King George III is King, but he has a mental illness and can't rule
  2. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Shakespeare) is written
  3. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is first published.
  4. GOEFFREY CHAUCER. Author of "The Canterbury Tales"
  5. THE "GLORIOUS" or "BLOODLESS" REVOLUTION. Mary (protestant) & her husband William III of Holland replace James II (the Catholic freak).
  6. BEOWULF probably written.

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  1. 1793-1794THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. Political upheaval of France's absolute monarchy. Feudalism destroyed, new ideas of citizenship and rights. Ends with Execution of king and Marie Antoinette.


  2. 1789-1793REIGN OF TERROR by Robespierre (England turns against revolution and declares war)


  3. 1775-1783ENGLAND AND THE AMERICAN WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE begins and ends when? America gets independence from Britian; The "great experiment" of democracy begins.


  4. 1660-1800AGE OF SATIRE.


  5. 1673THE RESTORATION. James I's son Charles II is brought back to throne. The church of England is reestablished.


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