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  1. Jane Austen's father dies.
  3. ENGLAND AND THE AMERICAN WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE begins and ends when? America gets independence from Britian; The "great experiment" of democracy begins.
  4. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE comes to power (belief is that strong general can hold off royalism and foreign attacks)
  5. THE TEST ACT: all civil servants must take communion in an Anglican church and deny belief in transubstantiation.
  6. REGENCY ENGLAND. The age of Elegance and Display. King George III is King, but he has a mental illness and can't rule

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  1. 1789-1793THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. Political upheaval of France's absolute monarchy. Feudalism destroyed, new ideas of citizenship and rights. Ends with Execution of king and Marie Antoinette.


  2. 1688THE "GLORIOUS" or "BLOODLESS" REVOLUTION. Mary (protestant) & her husband William III of Holland replace James II (the Catholic freak).


  3. 1775-1817JANE AUSTEN. At 21 wrote "First Impressions" which later became "Pride and Prejudice". Dies of Addison's disease at 42.


  4. 750 CEBEOWULF probably written.


  5. 1813PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is first published.


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