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  1. Demure
  2. Frivolous
  3. Courtier
  4. Contumacious
  5. Caustic
  1. a adjective: Obstinately or stubbornly disobedient. (obdurate, recalcitrant).
  2. b noun: One who seeks favor, especially by insincere flattery or obsequious behavior.
  3. c adjective: Unworthy of serious attention.
  4. d adjective: Characterized by shyness and modesty; coy.
  5. e adjective: Corrosive and bitingly trenchant.

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  1. adjective: Stubbornly prejudiced, narrow-minded, or inflexible.
  2. adjective: Marked by or exhibiting sorrow, grief, or pain.
  3. verb: To talk or act insincerely or misleadingly; to equivocate.
  4. verb: To give one's loyalty or support to.
  5. verb: To instigate or foster.

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  1. Pestilencenoun: A pernicious, evil influence or agent.


  2. Bardnoun: A group or an assemblage.


  3. Cavaliernoun: A gallant or chivalrous man.

    adjective: Showing arrogant or offhand disregard.


  4. Abominationnoun: The wing of a bird.

    verb: To restrain or immobilize by binding the arms.


  5. Subsumeverb: To give one's loyalty or support to.


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