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  1. Harangue
  2. Cavalier
  3. Counterintuitive
  4. Contumacious
  5. Perjury
  1. a noun: A long impassioned speech, especially one delivered before a gathering.
  2. b adjective: Obstinately or stubbornly disobedient. (obdurate, recalcitrant).
  3. c noun: The willful giving of false testimony under oath.
  4. d adjective: Counter to or against what intuition would lead one to expect or conclude.
  5. e noun: A gallant or chivalrous man.

    adjective: Showing arrogant or offhand disregard.

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  1. adjective: Responsive and receptive to advice, authority, or suggestion.
  2. noun: An oppressive, foreboding, unwholesome, punitive, or potentially dangerous or unhealthful influence or atmosphere.
  3. noun: A committee or board appointed to adjudicate in a particular matter.
  4. verb: To classify, include, or incorporate in a larger, more comprehensive category or to be reclassified under a more general principle; to contain or include.
  5. adjective: Unworthy of serious attention.

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  1. Exigencynoun: The state or quality of requiring much effort or immediate action.


  2. Grievousadjective: Causing grief, pain, or anguish.


  3. Incorrigibleverb: To suggest someone is guilty of an offense; to incriminate.


  4. Soporificadjective: Exhibiting great immaturity and lack of judgment.


  5. Dolorousadjective: Marked by or exhibiting sorrow, grief, or pain.


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