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  1. sycophant
  2. esoteric
  3. extraneous
  4. expedient
  5. status quo
  1. a (adj.) providing an immediate advantage; serving one's immediate self-interest
  2. b (n.) one who attempts to progress or win favor by flattering influential people; one who sucks up to others
  3. c (adj.) hard to understand; understood by only a select few
  4. d (adj.) irrelevant; unnecessary; unimportant
  5. e (n.) the existing state of affairs

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  1. (adj.) unchangeable; permanent
  2. (adj.) agreeably suitable; pleasant
  3. (v.) to prevent; to make impossible
  4. (adj.) undecided; having conflicting feelings about someone or something
  5. (adj.) combative; quarrelsome

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  1. compliant(v.) to ask for; to seek


  2. engender(v.) to create; to produce


  3. exemplary(v.) to scold, usually in disappointment


  4. astute(adj.) existing since birth; inborn; inherent


  5. status(adj.) stationary; not changing or moving


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