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  1. condescend
  2. belligerent
  3. astute
  4. elaborate
  5. credulous
  1. a (v.) to stoop to someone else's level, usually in an offensive way; to patronize
  2. b (adj.) combative; quarrelsome
  3. c (adj.) perceptive; intelligent
  4. d (adj.) believing; gullible
  5. e (adj.) detailed; careful

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  1. (v.) to scold, usually in disappointment
  2. (n.) lightness; frivolity; inclination to make a joke of a serious matter
  3. (adj.) outstanding; setting a great example
  4. (adj.) false; misleading or deceptive
  5. (adj.) stationary; not changing or moving

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  1. immutable(adj.) unchangeable; permanent


  2. repress(v.) to scold, usually in disappointment


  3. expedient(adj.) providing an immediate advantage; serving one's immediate self-interest


  4. censure(v.) to condemn severely


  5. flagrant(adj.) shocking; conspicuously bad


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