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  1. languish
  2. concise
  3. constitute
  4. stagnation
  5. reproach
  1. a (v.) to scold, usually in disappointment
  2. b (v.) to establish; to set up
  3. c (v.) to become weak, listless or depressed
  4. d (adj.) brief and to the point; succinct
  5. e (n.) motionlessness; inactivity

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  1. (v.) to prevent; to make impossible
  2. (adj.) combative; quarrelsome
  3. (adj.) irrelevant; unnecessary; unimportant
  4. (n.) irreverence; an insult to something held sacred
  5. (adj.) believing; gullible

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  1. ameliorate(v.) to make better or more tolerable


  2. congenial(adj.) agreeably suitable; pleasant


  3. relegate(v.) to banish; to send away


  4. steadfast(adj.) loyal; faithful


  5. amiable(adj.) friendly; agreeable


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