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  1. anecdote
  2. elaborate
  3. repress
  4. articulate
  5. dubious
  1. a (adj.) doubtful; uncertain
  2. b (n.) a brief, entertaining story
  3. c (v.) speaking clearly and well
  4. d (v.) to speak further
  5. e (v.) to hold down

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  1. (adj.) mysterious; mystifying
  2. (n.) praise; applause; admiration
  3. (adj.) outstanding; setting a great example
  4. (adj.) not flowing or moving
  5. (v.) to erase; to rub away the features of

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  1. sycophant(adj.) inadequate; minimal


  2. mitigate(v.) to lessen the severity of something


  3. tedious(adj.) boring; tiring; irksome


  4. solicit(v.) to ask for; to seek


  5. ambivalent(adj.) friendly; agreeable


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