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  1. discrimination
  2. prosocial behavior
  3. spontaneous recovery (in operant conditioning)
  4. shaping
  5. respondant behavior
  1. a an operant conditioning procedure in whcih reinforcers guide behavior toward closer and closer approximations of a desired goal
  2. b in classical conditioning, the learned ability to distinguish between a conditioned stimulus and stimuli that do not signal an unconditioned stimulus
  3. c behavior that occurs as an automatic response to some stimulus
  4. d positive, constructive, helpful behavior; the opposite of antisocial behavior
  5. e te process by which an old response reappears if ther isa period of time after extinction

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  1. the process of observing and imitating a specific behavior
  2. the process by which consequences lead to an increase in the likelihood that the response will occur again
  3. in operant conditioning, a schedule of reinforcement that reinforces a response after an unpredictable number of responses
  4. the acquisition of information that often is not immediately acted on but is stored for later use
  5. reinforcement is based on the number of times the behavior occurs

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  1. mirror neuronsfrontal lobe neurons that fire when performing certain actions or when observing another doing so


  2. unconditioned responsein classical conditioning, the learned response to a previously neutral conditioned stimulus (CS)


  3. unconditioned stimulusin classical conditioning, an originally irrelevant stimulus that, after association with an unconditioned stimulus, comes to trigger a conditioned response


  4. observational learninglearning by observing others


  5. extrinsic motivationa desire to perform a behavior for its own sake and to be effective


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