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  1. immediate reinforcement
  2. primary reinforcer
  3. aquisition
  4. Biological preparednes
  5. cognitive learning
  1. a A built in readiness for certain conditioned stimuli to elicit particualr conditioned responses , so less conditioning (training ) is necessary to produce learning
  2. b an innately reinforcing stimulus, such as one that satisfies a biological need
  3. c reinforcement given immediately after the desired behavior
  4. d In classical conditioning , the initial learning of the conditioned response (CR)
  5. e the acquisition of information that often is not immediately acted on but is stored for later use

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  1. A technique that brings about therapeutic change in behavior through the use of secondary reinforecers
  2. The ability to distinguish among stimuli similar to the CS and to respond only to the actual CS , in other words the response generlizes to similar stimuli (In Albert all fur coats all teddybears etc)
  3. a type of learning in which behavior is strengthened if followed by a reinforcer or diminished if followed by a punisher
  4. an operant conditioning procedure in whcih reinforcers guide behavior toward closer and closer approximations of a desired goal
  5. positive, constructive, helpful behavior; the opposite of antisocial behavior

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  1. insigth learningLearning that occurs when a person or animal suddenly grasps what something means and incorporates that new knowledge into old knowledge (Aaa-HA moment)


  2. conditioned responsein classical conditioning, the learned response to a previously neutral conditioned stimulus (CS)


  3. habituationIn classical conditioning , the initial learning of the conditioned response (CR)


  4. unconditioned stimulusin classical conditioning, the unlearned, naturally occurring response to the unconditioned stimulus (UCS)


  5. spontaneous recoverythe reappearance, after a rest period, of an extinguished conditioned response


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