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  1. Horizontal flexion
  2. Movement away from the center of the body inthe coronal plane is
  3. Retraction
  4. Frontal plane
  5. The acromion process is a part of which joint
  1. a abduction
  2. b brings the scapulae toward the spine; as in back bends
  3. c shoulder
  4. d when arms are 90 degrees of abduction in line with the shoulder joint in the transvers plane toward the center of the body
  5. e divides the body front and back

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  1. brings the scapulae away from the spine as in Chaturanga
  2. 5
  3. glutes, obliques (internal and external), rectus abdominus
  4. external rotation of forearm or foot
  5. divides the body top and bottom

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  1. Number of cervical vertebrae7


  2. RotationMovement in the transverse plane (side to side twists)


  3. contraction bends areagainst gravity


  4. Muscles between the ribs arethe intercostal muscles


  5. KyphosisRounding of the thoracic spine


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