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  1. Movement toward the center of the body in the coronal plane is
  2. Number of lumbar vertebrae
  3. Number of cervical vertebrae
  4. Tendons are
  5. Frontal plane is also called
  1. a 5
  2. b Coronal plane
  3. c fibrous bands connecting bone to muscle
  4. d adduction
  5. e 7

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  1. connective wrapping around the muscles
  2. with gravity
  3. 5 sacral vertebrae and 4 coccygeal vertebrae
  4. when there is more space to go deeper into the joint; tight/short muscle/tendon/ligament
  5. divides the body front and back

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  1. Sagittal planedivides the body left and right


  2. Compression iswhen there is no space to go deeper into a joint; bone on bone


  3. AntagonistsMuscles that are passively stretched in the opposite direction of the prime movers


  4. Percent of body weight of musclesradius and ulna


  5. Movement away from the center of the body inthe coronal plane isabduction


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