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  1. Kyphosis
  2. Movement away from the center of the body inthe coronal plane is
  3. Retraction
  4. contraction bends are
  5. Bones of the lower leg
  1. a brings the scapulae toward the spine; as in back bends
  2. b Tibia and Fibula
  3. c against gravity
  4. d abduction
  5. e Rounding of the thoracic spine

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  1. Primary major muscles in a movement
  2. the intercostal muscles
  3. Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar
  4. fibrous bands connecting bone to muscle
  5. internal rotation of forearm or foot

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  1. Horizontal flexionwhen arms are 90 degrees of abduction in line with the shoulder joint in the transvers plane toward the center of the body


  2. AntagonistsMuscles that are passively stretched in the opposite direction of the prime movers


  3. Sagittal planedivides the body left and right


  4. Internal rotation is alsoMedial rotation - rotation toward the center of the body in the transverse plane


  5. Supinationinternal rotation of forearm or foot


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