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  1. traction bends are
  2. Bones of fore arms
  3. Number of cervical vertebrae
  4. Fascia
  5. Main muscles for core stabilization
  1. a glutes, obliques (internal and external), rectus abdominus
  2. b with gravity
  3. c 7
  4. d connective wrapping around the muscles
  5. e radius and ulna

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  1. Rounding of the thoracic spine
  2. divides the body top and bottom
  3. forward bend
  4. 5
  5. occurs in the torso as in a side bend

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  1. RotationMovement in the transverse plane (side to side twists)


  2. Sacral/coccygeal curvedivides the body left and right


  3. Horizontal extensionwhen arms are 90 degrees of abduction in line with the shoulder joint in the transvers plane toward the center of the body


  4. Bones of the lower legradius and ulna


  5. Extensionwhen the scapulae moves down the back


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