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  1. Pronation
  2. Flexion
  3. traction bends are
  4. Retraction
  5. Prime movers
  1. a forward bend
  2. b brings the scapulae toward the spine; as in back bends
  3. c with gravity
  4. d Primary major muscles in a movement
  5. e internal rotation of forearm or foot

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  1. brings the scapulae away from the spine as in Chaturanga
  2. when there is no space to go deeper into a joint; bone on bone
  3. 75-80%
  4. radius and ulna
  5. abduction

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  1. Number of cervical vertebrae12


  2. Elevationwhen the scapulae moves toward the ears


  3. Main muscles for core stabilizationradius and ulna


  4. Kyphosisconnective wrapping around the muscles


  5. Number of lumbar vertebrae12


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