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  1. Respiration
  2. Examples of excretion
  3. Water regulation
  4. Asexual Reproduction
  5. Growth
  1. a Increase in the number or size of cells.
  2. b Maintaining constant water levels in the body
  3. c The process that changes food into energy that can be used by our cells and our body.
  4. d 1. Sweating
    2. Urination
    3. Defecation
    4. Exocytosis by cells
    5. Salt excretion in plants
  5. e A single parent passes copies of all its genes to each of its offspring.

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  1. Bacteria, protist, hydra
  2. The study of life
  3. A regulatory process in which an organism regulates its internal environment. Maintaining stable internal conditions by regulating water, temperature, salt, sugar, etc.
  4. The process by which an organism absorbs "foods" to carry out life functions.
  5. Process by which organisms make more of their own kind

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  1. Oxygen regulationMaintaining constant oxygen levels in the body.


  2. How are humans affecting interdependence of organisms?1. Movement
    2. Excretion
    3. Respiration
    4. Responsiveness
    5. Growth
    6. Reproduction
    7. Nutrition


  3. GeneMolecule that carries genetic information about our traits.


  4. Evolution occurs through:Natural Selection and mutations


  5. Examples of RespondsivenessHumans (Homo sapiens)


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