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  1. Homeostatic Mechanism
  2. Biology
  3. Excretion
  4. Nutrition
  5. Interdependence
  1. a The process by which an organism absorbs "foods" to carry out life functions.
  2. b The study of life
  3. c Getting rid of wastes.
  4. d A regulatory mechanism that contributes to maintaining a state of equilibrium.
  5. e Organisms in a biological community live and interact with other organisms. Organisms are dependent on one another.

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  1. A group of genetically similar organisms that can produce fertile offspring.
  2. Materials moving through your cells and your body.
  3. Increase in the number or size of cells.
  4. Organism respond to their environment and adapt to conditions. If they cannot adapt they will not survive.
  5. Physical motion, going from one place to another.

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  1. DNAMolecule that carries genetic information about our traits.


  2. What are the 7 characteristics of life?1. Structure and Function
    2. Homeostasis
    3. Evolution
    4. Reproduction
    5. Heredity
    6. Interdependence
    7. Metabolism


  3. Examples of excretionHumans (Homo sapiens)


  4. MutationChanges in DNA


  5. Example of a speciesMaterials moving through your cells and your body.


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