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  1. What are the 7 themes of Biology?
  2. Oxygen regulation
  3. Interdependence
  4. Evolution
  5. Asexual Reproduction
  1. a Maintaining constant oxygen levels in the body.
  2. b Change in a species over time.
  3. c Organisms in a biological community live and interact with other organisms. Organisms are dependent on one another.
  4. d 1. Structure and Function
    2. Homeostasis
    3. Evolution
    4. Reproduction
    5. Heredity
    6. Interdependence
    7. Metabolism
  5. e A single parent passes copies of all its genes to each of its offspring.

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  1. Short segment of DNA that codes for a specific protein (trait)/
  2. Getting rid of wastes.
  3. Molecule that carries genetic information about our traits.
  4. A regulatory mechanism that contributes to maintaining a state of equilibrium.
  5. Cells

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  1. HomeostasisA regulatory process in which an organism regulates its internal environment. Maintaining stable internal conditions by regulating water, temperature, salt, sugar, etc.


  2. Evolution occurs through:Natural Selection and mutations


  3. SpeciesShort segment of DNA that codes for a specific protein (trait)/


  4. CellsBasic unit of life, capable of performing life functions.


  5. MetabolismThe combination of components and processes that serve a common function


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