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  1. DNA
  2. Movement
  3. Evolution
  4. Thermoregulation
  5. Respiration
  1. a Physical motion, going from one place to another.
  2. b Change in a species over time.
  3. c Molecule that carries genetic information about our traits.
  4. d The process that changes food into energy that can be used by our cells and our body.
  5. e Maintaing constant temperature.

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  1. Organism respond to their environment and adapt to conditions. If they cannot adapt they will not survive.
  2. 1. Skin tans
    2. Sweating when we are hot
  3. 1. Movement
    2. Excretion
    3. Respiration
    4. Responsiveness
    5. Growth
    6. Reproduction
    7. Nutrition
  4. Process in which organisms carry out many chemical reactions to get energy.
  5. Increase in the number or size of cells.

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  1. CellsBasic unit of life, capable of performing life functions.


  2. GeneMolecule that carries genetic information about our traits.


  3. Homeostatic MechanismA regulatory mechanism that contributes to maintaining a state of equilibrium.


  4. Ology means:Life or living


  5. ExcretionGetting rid of wastes.


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