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  1. Example of a species
  2. Examples of Respondsiveness
  3. Respiration
  4. Evolution occurs through:
  5. Example of Movement
  1. a Materials moving through your cells and your body.
  2. b Natural Selection and mutations
  3. c Humans (Homo sapiens)
  4. d 1. Skin tans
    2. Sweating when we are hot
  5. e The process that changes food into energy that can be used by our cells and our body.

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  1. Change in a species over time.
  2. Bacteria, protist, hydra
  3. The process by which an organism absorbs "foods" to carry out life functions.
  4. Basic unit of life, capable of performing life functions.
  5. A single parent passes copies of all its genes to each of its offspring.

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  1. HeredityPassing of traits from parents to offspring


  2. ExcretionChange in a species over time.


  3. OrganismThe combination of components and processes that serve a common function


  4. Bio means:Life or living


  5. GeneShort segment of DNA that codes for a specific protein (trait)/


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