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  1. Interdependence
  2. Species
  3. Bio means:
  4. Example of a species
  5. Respondsiveness
  1. a Humans (Homo sapiens)
  2. b Life or living
  3. c A group of genetically similar organisms that can produce fertile offspring.
  4. d Organism respond to their environment and adapt to conditions. If they cannot adapt they will not survive.
  5. e Organisms in a biological community live and interact with other organisms. Organisms are dependent on one another.

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  1. 1. Movement
    2. Excretion
    3. Respiration
    4. Responsiveness
    5. Growth
    6. Reproduction
    7. Nutrition
  2. A single parent passes copies of all its genes to each of its offspring.
  3. Increase in the number or size of cells.
  4. Process in which organisms carry out many chemical reactions to get energy.
  5. Process by which organisms make more of their own kind

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  1. All living organisms are made up of one or more _________.Bacteria, protist, hydra


  2. OrganismAny living thing


  3. MovementPhysical motion, going from one place to another.


  4. Water regulationMaintaining constant water levels in the body


  5. Evolution occurs through:Change in a species over time.


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