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  1. Hydroelectric Energy
  2. Organic Fuel
  3. Photovoltaic Cells
  4. Nuclear Reactor
  5. Energy
  1. a solar cells which convert the sun's energy into electrical energy
  2. b The ability to do Work
  3. c Reactor using fuel/control rods to create heat, used to make steam to eventually spin a turbine
  4. d electrical energy produced by the flow of water
  5. e Fuels that contain Carbon. Fossil Fuels and Biomass Fuels are both organic

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  1. Device that converts mechanical energy into electricity by spinning a copper coil inside a magnetic field
  2. A turbine powered by wind mills, this is an alternative or renewable energy source
  3. tower in which the extremely high temperature steam (from the light water plant design) is cooled and condensed back into water to be reused
  4. A substance from which energy is formed
  5. sub-critical masses of fissionable U-235 or plutonium

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  1. Critical Massthe minimum amount of radioactive material necessary for a chain reaction


  2. Uranium 238a stable non-fissionable isotope of uranium


  3. Nuclear Fuelfuels created from fissionable material


  4. Containment Buildingthe part in a light water plant design where the reactor vessel, steam generator and back-up cooling water are held


  5. Law of Conservation of Energyenergy produced by heat from the earth


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