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  1. Generator
  2. Hydroelectric Energy
  3. Reactor Vessel
  4. Photovoltaic Cells
  5. Wind Turbine
  1. a A turbine powered by wind mills, this is an alternative or renewable energy source
  2. b a device that converts the kinetic energy captured by a turbine into electrical enrgy
  3. c electrical energy produced by the flow of water
  4. d The part in the containment building where the fuel rods come together to begin the chain reaction, and where the control rods are placed in between the fuel rods to slow the chain reactions
  5. e solar cells which convert the sun's energy into electrical energy

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  1. energy produced by heat from the earth
  2. fuels created from fissionable material
  3. A bomb developed in the 1940's by the US, uses critical mass of U-235 or plutonium to create uncontrolled chain reaction (fission) which releases massive amounts of energy, which causes catastrophic destruction
  4. sub-critical masses of fissionable U-235 or plutonium
  5. Radiation which dislodges electrons form the molecules they hit causing them to change chemically and impair normal functions, effects: burned tissue, anemia, impaired cell division, cancer

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  1. Critical Massthe minimum amount of radioactive material necessary for a chain reaction


  2. Chain Reactiona chemical reaction or other process in which the products themselves promote or spread the reaction, which under certain conditions may accelerate dramatically.


  3. Control Rodssub-critical masses of fissionable U-235 or plutonium


  4. Plutoniuma synthesized (man made) unstable, fissionable material


  5. Subcritical Massunder the minimum amount of radioactive material necessary for a chain reaction


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