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  1. Fuel Rods
  2. Fission
  3. Organic Fuel
  4. Hydrogen Bomb
  5. Nuclear Fuel
  1. a sub-critical masses of fissionable U-235 or plutonium
  2. b fuels created from fissionable material
  3. c A bomb developed in the 50's. this bomb uses uncontrolled nuclear fusion to release massive amounts of energy. Detonated by first detonating the Atomic Bomb
  4. d Fuels that contain Carbon. Fossil Fuels and Biomass Fuels are both organic
  5. e the process by which the nucleus of a heavy atom splits into two or more fragments; the process releases nuetrons and energy

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  1. the minimum amount of radioactive material necessary for a chain reaction
  2. Energy can not be created or destroyed, but it can change form
  3. the process by which the nuclei of small atoms combine to form a new, more massive nucleus; the process releases energy
  4. an unstable, fissionable isotope of uranium
  5. tower in which the extremely high temperature steam (from the light water plant design) is cooled and condensed back into water to be reused

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  1. Nuclear Reactorfuels created from fissionable material


  2. Low Level Radioactive WasteWaste which gives off high amounts of ionizing radiation for a short time and, lower amounts for a long time, requires safe storage for 240,000 yrs


  3. Energya device that converts the kinetic energy captured by a turbine into electrical enrgy


  4. Uranium 238a stable non-fissionable isotope of uranium


  5. Fossil FuelNonrenewable energy resource formed from the remains of organisms that lived long ago. i.e oil, coal, natural gas


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