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  1. What are the three kinds of muscle tissue in your body?
  2. What is muscle tone?
  3. muscle tone
  4. What are tendons?
  5. rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep)
  1. a when muscles are partially contracted
  2. b Partial contraction of your muscles throughout the day.
  3. c Skeletal, smooth and cardiac
  4. d The tough fibers that connect your skeletal muscles to your bones.
  5. e part of the sleep cycle where your eyes move a lot; there is high brain activity and relaxation of the large muscles

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  1. the stripes in skeletal muscles
  2. these muscles have no striations or stripes; they can be found in blood vessels, stomach, intestines or bladder
  3. strands of protein that are found in each muscle fiber
  4. strong, flexible fibers that attach bones to skeletal muscles
  5. these muscles close the joint; bending at the joint

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  1. atrophywhen a muscle becomes weak and shrinks when it is not used much


  2. filamentseven thinner strips of cells inside the myofibrils


  3. Name two places in your body where you find smooth musclesBlood vessels, stomach, intestines, and bladder


  4. Where is your Achilles tendon?In the back of your ankle.


  5. What are antagonistic muscles?pairs of muscles that work together so that when one muscle contracts, the other relaxes; they pull in opposite directions


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