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  1. smooth muscles
  2. What are the three kinds of muscle tissue in your body?
  3. What things did we discuss that help muscles move?
  4. muscle fibers
  5. What do muscle cells have a lot of that give them energy?
  1. a Mitochondria
  2. b these muscles have no striations or stripes; they can be found in blood vessels, stomach, intestines or bladder
  3. c skeletal muscle cell that are long and thin
  4. d Skeletal, smooth and cardiac
  5. e Glucose, oxygen, vitamins and minerals

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  1. when muscles are partially contracted
  2. when a muscle becomes weak and shrinks when it is not used much
  3. Muscles that work opposite of each other.
  4. part of the sleep cycle where your eyes move a lot; there is high brain activity and relaxation of the large muscles
  5. attach to bones and allow you to move

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  1. What do muscles need to grow?Protein and exercise


  2. biceps brachiimuscle on the top of the upper arm


  3. What is muscle tone?when muscles are partially contracted


  4. How do you keep your cardiac muscles strong?By elevating your heart rate for 30 minutes or more several times a week


  5. tetanusstrong, flexible fibers that attach bones to skeletal muscles


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