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  1. Which of those muscle kinds are voluntary and which are involuntary?
  2. antagonistic muscles
  3. skeletal muscles
  4. striations
  5. How do you keep your cardiac muscles strong?
  1. a the stripes in skeletal muscles
  2. b By elevating your heart rate for 30 minutes or more several times a week
  3. c attach to bones and allow you to move
  4. d Skeletal muscles are voluntary smooth and cardiac are involuntary.
  5. e pairs of muscles that work together so that when one muscle contracts, the other relaxes; they pull in opposite directions

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  1. even thinner strips of cells inside the myofibrils
  2. Protein and exercise
  3. The tough fibers that connect your skeletal muscles to your bones.
  4. Skeletal, smooth and cardiac
  5. a painful occurrence when tendons get inflamed from overuse

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  1. voluntary musclesmuscles you can control by thinking about it


  2. flexor musclesthese muscles close the joint; bending at the joint


  3. muscle toneskeletal muscle cell that are long and thin


  4. masseterwhen muscles are partially contracted


  5. smooth musclesthese muscles close the joint; bending at the joint


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