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  1. Which of those muscle kinds are voluntary and which are involuntary?
  2. What are tendons?
  3. What do muscles need to grow?
  4. muscle fibers
  5. myofibrils
  1. a The tough fibers that connect your skeletal muscles to your bones.
  2. b strands of protein that are found in each muscle fiber
  3. c skeletal muscle cell that are long and thin
  4. d Skeletal muscles are voluntary smooth and cardiac are involuntary.
  5. e Protein and exercise

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  1. a special substance that carries nutrients throughout your body
  2. found in the heart; involuntary muscles
  3. In the back of your ankle.
  4. Skeletal, smooth and cardiac
  5. a painful occurrence when tendons get inflamed from overuse

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  1. muscle toneskeletal muscle cell that are long and thin


  2. tendonsstrong, flexible fibers that attach bones to skeletal muscles


  3. skeletal musclesattach to bones and allow you to move


  4. reflexive actionthe stripes in skeletal muscles


  5. antagonistic musclesthese muscles open the joint wider; straightening at the joint


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