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  1. Spongy bone
  2. Red Bone Marrow
  3. Can you name at least five other bones in your body by their scientific names?
  4. Vertebrae
  5. Yellow Bone Marrow
  1. a Bones of the spinal column
  2. b This is the kind of bone marrow that consists primarily of cells which store fat.
  3. c This is the kind of bone marrow in which blood cells are made.
  4. d ...
  5. e The layer of bone under the compact bone. It is a network of pores and tunnells interconnected in a pattern that makes the bone strong yet resilient.

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  1. The cells that make new bones.
  2. Joints that do not move.
  3. A firm but resilient material in the body and on the ends of bones that absorbs shock well and keeps the bones from getting hurt when they rub against one another.
  4. Bones of the fingers and toes
  5. The longest bone in the body-the thigh bone.

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  1. Skeletal SystemFluid that allows the joints to move more easily.


  2. Name the different things that bones do for your body.They give you form and hold you up, they protect organs, they make blood cells, they store minerals and fats, and they help you move.


  3. Where are the smallest bones in your body found?The femur


  4. OsteoclastsThe bone cells that eat away at the spongy layer, causing your bones to get wider.


  5. Can you name at least one kind of joint?The femur


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