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  1. What is the rounded part of your skull called?
  2. Osteoblasts
  3. Calcium
  4. Sesamoid Bones
  5. Red Bone Marrow
  1. a The cells that make new bones.
  2. b This is the kind of bone marrow in which blood cells are made.
  3. c Small, round bones that are often found in the hands and feet; the largest is the patella.
  4. d A mineral stored in your bones that helps keep your heart beating and your brain thinking. It also makes your bones strong.
  5. e The cranium

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  1. The bones of your skull that protect your brain.
  2. Calcium
  3. Red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow
  4. The bones that protect your heart and lungs.
  5. The femur

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  1. Synovial FluidFluid that allows the joints to move more easily.


  2. Yellow Bone MarrowThis is the kind of bone marrow that consists primarily of cells which store fat.


  3. SuturesThe longest bone in the body-the thigh bone.


  4. FemurJoints that do not move.


  5. Name the different things that bones do for your body.They give you form and hold you up, they protect organs, they make blood cells, they store minerals and fats, and they help you move.


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