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  1. Phalanges
  2. Sutures
  3. Rib Cage
  4. Skeletal System
  5. Which is the longest bone in your body?
  1. a The bones that protect your heart and lungs.
  2. b The bony supportive structure within the human body.
  3. c Bones of the fingers and toes
  4. d Joints that do not move.
  5. e The femur

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  1. The bone cells that eat away at the spongy layer, causing your bones to get wider.
  2. Thick, hard layer of bone under the periosteum.
  3. The row of bones called vertebrae in the middle of the back that contains and protects the spinal cord.
  4. Hinge joint
    Ball and socket joint
    Saddle joint
    Sliding joint
    Pivot joint
    Ellipsoidal joint
  5. The tough fiber that makes up part of the bone.

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  1. LigamentsThe tissues that connect one bone to another bone.


  2. FemurThe longest bone in the body-the thigh bone.


  3. CartilageA firm but resilient material in the body and on the ends of bones that absorbs shock well and keeps the bones from getting hurt when they rub against one another.


  4. What is the rounded part of your skull called?The cranium


  5. Sesamoid BonesThe layer of bone under the compact bone. It is a network of pores and tunnells interconnected in a pattern that makes the bone strong yet resilient.


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