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  1. What determines your voice's pitch?
  2. What determines your voice's volume?
  3. What are cilia?
  4. What muscle is mostly responsible for your breathing?
  5. Explain how the conchae help warm and moisten the air you breathe.
  1. a The tension in the vocal chords as well as how thick and heavy they are.
  2. b How much air passes across your vocal chords determines the volume.
  3. c They disrupt the airflow, making the air bounce around and hit the warm, moist tissue in your nasal cavity.
  4. d They are like motorized whips that push mucous out of your nasal cavity, trachea, bronchi and lungs.
  5. e The diaphragm is mostly responsible for breathing.

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  1. another name for the larynx
  2. They keep your trachea from collapsing.
  3. holes in your skull that aid in the warming, moisturizing and filtering of the air you breathe.
  4. a small pink projection hanging downward from your soft palate.
  5. Air passes through these structures in your nasal cavity where the air is cleaned, moistened and brought to the correct temperature.

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  1. BronchitisVery small, thin-walled tubes that carry air to where the lungs can finally use it.


  2. Oropharynxthe uppermost part of the pharynx. It is connected to the inner ear.


  3. Respiratory systemBronchioles fan out to create these little spaces where air enters the alveoli.


  4. What are the thin strips of tissue in your larynx called?They are your vocal chords.


  5. DiaphragmThe long muscle below your lungs. It helps you breathe in and out.


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