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  1. Cilia
  2. Uvula
  3. Bronchi
  4. Explain the importance of alveoli.
  5. Mucous membranes
  1. a Tiny motorized "whips" waving back and forth on the cells lining the back of your nose and throughout much of the respiratory tract.
  2. b a small pink projection hanging downward from your soft palate.
  3. c They are the places in the lungs where oxygen is put into the blood and carbon dioxide is removed..
  4. d The two tubes that branch out from the trachea to the lungs.
  5. e Mucus producing tissues, found in many parts of your body.

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  1. the last part of the pharynx, closest to the larynx
  2. The long muscle below your lungs. It helps you breathe in and out.
  3. They disrupt the airflow, making the air bounce around and hit the warm, moist tissue in your nasal cavity.
  4. It filters large particles out of the air you breathe.
  5. The tension in the vocal chords as well as how thick and heavy they are.

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  1. How does the oxygen get from your
    lungs into your blood?
    It filters large particles out of the air you breathe.


  2. ConchaeAir passes through these structures in your nasal cavity where the air is cleaned, moistened and brought to the correct temperature.


  3. What muscle is mostly responsible for your breathing?The diaphragm is mostly responsible for breathing.


  4. Name some of the dangers of smoking.It increases your chance of long cancer, raises your blood pressure, damages your lungs, and is addictive.


  5. NasopharynxThe part of the pharynx that is closest to your mouth.


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