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  1. protist
  2. fragmentation
  3. aggregation
  4. gymnosperm
  5. colonial
  1. a free-living or colonial organisms with diverse nutritional and reproductive modes
  2. b plants of the class Gymnospermae having seeds not enclosed in an ovary
  3. c separating something into fine particles
  4. d composed of many distinct individuals united to form a whole or colony
  5. e the act of gathering something together

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  1. consisting of many cells
  2. lacking a backbone or spinal column
  3. reproduction of some unicellular organisms (such as yeasts) by growth and specialization followed by the separation by constriction of a part of the parent
  4. having a backbone or spinal column
  5. a protein carbohydrate compound found in bacterial cell walls

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  1. organ systemgroup of organs that work together to perform a specific function


  2. differentiationseparating something into fine particles


  3. spore(anatomy) a dividing partition between two tissues or cavities


  4. chitin(botany) tissue that conducts synthesized food substances (e.g., from leaves) to parts where needed


  5. phloemthe woody part of plants: the supporting and water-conducting tissue, consisting primarily of tracheids and vessels


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