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  1. Which one of the following was not among influential Populist leaders?
    a)William "Coin" Harvery
    b)Ignatius Donnelly
    c)Mary elizabeth Lease
    d)James B. Weaver
    e)Eugene V. Debs
  2. The Federal Reserve Act gave the Federal Reserve Board the authority to
  3. The independent republic annexed by the US during the Spanish-American War, but not acquired as a result of the war
  4. Many Americans became concerned about the increasing foreign intervention in China because they
  5. The real purpose of teddy Roosevelts assault on trustswas to
  1. a issue paper money and increase the amount of money in circulation
  2. b a)feared that American missions would be jeopardized and chinese markets closed to non-Europeans
  3. c a)Philippines
  4. d prove that the government, not private business, ruled the country
  5. e e

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  1. A)threatened war unless Britain backed down and accepted Venezuelas claim
  2. c
  3. announced that he would not be a candidate for a third term as president
  4. Monroe Doctrine
  5. unmasked the corrupt alliance between big business and municipal government

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  1. When the US invaded Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War,
    a)the army ecountered stiff resistance from the Spanish
    b)the resulting battle ended the war
    c)most of the population greeted the invaders as liberating heroes
    d)heavy fighting occurred in the harbor at San Juan
    e)its intentions were to grant Puerto Rican independence


  2. As a politician, Woodrow Wilson waswas wedded more to the status quo than to progressive change.


  3. As governor of New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson established a record asb)the wretched condition of its navy
    by the 1890s the US was bursting with a new sense of power generated by an increase in population, wealth, industrial production


  4. in 1899, guerilla warfare broke out in the Philippines becauseit gave the voters a clear choice of political and economic philosophies.


  5. Political progressivisimexplicityly legalized strikes and peaceful picketing.


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