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  1. The numerous near wars and diplomatic cirses of the US in the late 1880s and 1890 demonstrated
  2. The progressive movement was instrumental in getting the Seventeenth amendment added to the constitution, which provided for
  3. The leading progressive organization advocating prohibition of liquor was
  4. In 1904 the Russo-Japanese War started because
    a)Russia was seeking ice free ports in Chinese Manchuria
    b)the US refused to force Russia from Sakhalin Island
    c)Russia had forced Japan out of China
    d)Russia feared growing Japanese power in the Pacific
    e)of racial tensions between Russians and Japanese
  5. Senator Robert La Follette's Progressive party advocated all of the following EXCEPT
    a) government ownership of railroads
    b) relief for farmers
    c) opposition to antilabor injunctions
    d) opposition to monopolies
    e) increased power for the Supreme Court
  1. a e
  2. b the Women's Christian Temperance union
  3. c e) the aggressive new national mood
  4. d direct election of senators
  5. e a

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  1. Monroe Doctrine
  2. Chicago
  3. emerged in both major partiies, in all regions, at all levels of government
  4. e)mediate a conclusion to the Russo-Japanese War
  5. symbolized the rising political status of women

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  1. According to the text, the runaway philosophical winner in the 1912 election wasprogressivism
    The first Jew to sit on the United States Supreme Court, appointed by Woodrow Wilson was Louis D. Brandeis


  2. Match (Pullman strike)
    A.Richard Olney
    B.Eugene V. Debs
    C.George Pullman
    D. John P. Altgeld
    1.Head of the American Railway union that organized the strike
    2.Governor of Illinois who sympathized with the striking workers
    3.United States attorney general who brought in fderal troops to crush the strike
    4.Owner of the "palace railroad car" company and the company town where the strike began
    was designed to remove politics from municipal administration


  3. In the election of 1896, the major issue became
    a)resoration of protective tariffs
    b)enactment of an income tax
    c)government programs for those unemployed as a result of the depression
    d)the rights of farmers and industrial workers
    e)free and unlimited coinage of silver


  4. Teddy Roosevelt promoted what might be called a "Bad Neighbor" policy by
    a)building the Panama Canal
    b)making Puerto Rico a US colony
    c)involving the US in the border dispute between Venezuela and Britain
    d)adding the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
    e)sending US troops to the Dominican Republic
    progressive education


  5. Japanese immigrants first entered US territory to work as
    a)construction workers on the transcontinental railroad
    b)"yellow peril" villains in the Hollywood movie industry
    c)servants and gardeners for San Francisco's wealthy elite
    d)laborers on Hawaii's sugar plantations
    e)factory workers in California's canning industry


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