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  1. Match each early-twentieth century muckracker below with the target of his or her expose
  2. One unusual and significant characteristic of the anthracite coal strike in 1902 was that
  3. The "Rough Riders" organized principally by TR,
  4. When the US invaded Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War,
    a)the army ecountered stiff resistance from the Spanish
    b)the resulting battle ended the war
    c)most of the population greeted the invaders as liberating heroes
    d)heavy fighting occurred in the harbor at San Juan
    e)its intentions were to grant Puerto Rican independence
  5. The Federal Reserve Act gave the Federal Reserve Board the authority to
  1. a c
  2. b e)were commanded by Colonel Leonard Wood
  3. c the national governemnt did not automatically side with the owners in the dispute
  4. d David G. Philipps - The united states Supreme court
    Ida Tarbell - The Standard Oil Company
    Lincoln Steffens - city government
    Ray Stannard Baker - the condition of blacks
  5. e issue paper money and increase the amount of money in circulation

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  1. was closely tied to the feminist movement and women's causes
  2. announced that he would not be a candidate for a third term as president
  3. working class
  4. socialism
  5. currency was inelastic

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  1. US naval captain Mahan argued thatexplicityly legalized strikes and peaceful picketing.


  2. The monetary inflation needed to relieve the social and economic hardships of the late nineteenth century eventually came as a result of
    a) the gold standard
    b)McKinley'sadoption of the bimetallic standard
    c)an increase in the international gold supply
    d)Populist fusion with the Democratic party
    e)the creation of the Federal Reserve Board


  3. The progressive inspired city manager system of governmentmiddle class


  4. In a bid to win labor's support, the Populist Party
    a)supported restrictions on immigration
    b)nominated Samule Gompers for president
    c)opposed injunctions against labor strikes
    d)endorsed workmen's compensation laws
    e)proposed a law guaranteeing the right to organize and strike


  5. While present, Teddy Rooseveltwas wedded more to the status quo than to progressive change.


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