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  1. The most spectacular example of lawlessness and gangsterism in the 1920s was
  2. Of the following legislation aimed at resource conservation, the only one associate with Roosevelt's presidency was the
  3. When congress passed the Underwood Tariff Bill in 1913, it intended the legislation to
  4. According to the text, Teddy Roosevelts most enduring achievement may have been
  5. Regarding the presidency, TR believed that
  1. a his efforts supporting the environment
  2. b Chicago
  3. c lower tariff rates
  4. d c)the Pres. could take any action not specifically prohibited by the laws and the Constitution
  5. e Newlands Act

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  1. David G. Philipps - The united states Supreme court
    Ida Tarbell - The Standard Oil Company
    Lincoln Steffens - city government
    Ray Stannard Baker - the condition of blacks
  2. introduced many middle-class women to a broader array of urban social problems and civic concerns
  3. c
  4. e)mediate a conclusion to the Russo-Japanese War
  5. e)employment
    The Roosevelt Corollary added a new provision to the Monroe Doctrine that was specifically designed to e)justify US intervention inthe affairs of Latin American countries

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  1. The Democratic party nominee for president in 1896 was___ the Republicans nominated ____ and the Populists endorsed_____state governor


  2. In 1912, Woodrow Wilson ran for the presidency on the Democratic platform that included all of the following except a call forpersonally delivered his presidential address to congress


  3. The leading progressive organization advocating prohibition of liquor waswas designed to remove politics from municipal administration


  4. The following were among the platform planks adopted by the Populist Party in their convention of 1892:Kansas, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada


  5. Progressive reform at the level of city government seemed to indicate that the progressives highest priority wasgovernmental efficiency


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