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  1. Starting in 1917 many Puerto Ricans came to the mainland US seekinjg
  2. When congress passed the Underwood Tariff Bill in 1913, it intended the legislation to
  3. Pres. Roosevelt organizd a conference in Portsmouth, NH in 1905 to
  4. In an attempt to persuade Spain to leave Cuba or to encourage the US to help Cuba gain its independence Cuban insurrectos
  5. Before he was elected president in 1912, Woodrow Wilson had been
  1. a e)mediate a conclusion to the Russo-Japanese War
  2. b e)employment
    The Roosevelt Corollary added a new provision to the Monroe Doctrine that was specifically designed to e)justify US intervention inthe affairs of Latin American countries
  3. c e) adopted a scorched-earth policy of burning can fields and sugan mills
  4. d lower tariff rates
  5. e state governor

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  1. was wedded more to the status quo than to progressive change.
  2. Victoriano Huerta
  3. e)Grover Cleveland
  4. direct election of senators
  5. dollar diplomacy

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  1. The US gained a virtual right of intervention in Cuba in theb)Platt Amendment


  2. Farmerswere slow to organize and promote their interest because they
    a)were not well educated
    b)did not possess the money necessary to establish a national political movement
    c)were divided by the wealitheir, more powerful manufactureres and railroad barons
    d)were too busy trying to eke out a living
    e)were by nature highly independent and individualistic


  3. Arrange the following events in chronological ordersinking of the Maine, American declaration of war on Spain, passage of the Teller Amendment, passage of the Platt Amendment


  4. The "real Heart" of the progressive movement was the effort by reformers touse the government as an agency of human welfare.


  5. During his presidency, Teddy Roosevelt did all of the following excepttame capitalism


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