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  1. The muckrakers signified much about the nature of the progressive reform movement because they
  2. Pres. Roosevelt organizd a conference in Portsmouth, NH in 1905 to
  3. Woodrow Wilson's attitude toward the masses can best be described as
  4. The Sixteenth Amendment provided for
  5. in 1899, guerilla warfare broke out in the Philippines because
  1. a e)mediate a conclusion to the Russo-Japanese War
  2. b a personal income tax
  3. c b)the US refused to five the Filipino people their independence
  4. d having fait in them if they were properly educated
  5. e sought not to overthrow capitalism but to cleanse it iwth democratic controls.

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  1. supported a broad program of social welfare and government regulation of business
  2. plight of the workers in the stockyards and meat-packing industry.
  3. middle class
  4. ?
  5. working class

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  1. The US gained a virtual right of intervention in Cuba in therailroad regulations


  2. The idea of "multiple use resource management" incldued all of the following practives exceptcontrol of labor


  3. Arrange the following events in chronological ordera personal income tax


  4. President Roosevelt believed that the federal governemnt should adopt a policy ofissue paper money and increase the amount of money in circulation


  5. Teddy Roosevelt weakend himself politically after his election of 1904 when heWilliam Howard Taft had seemed ot discard Roosevelt's policies


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