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  1. Marcus Gravey, founder of the United Negro Improvement Association is known for all of the following except
  2. The Sixteenth Amendment provided for
  3. As governor of New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson established a record as
  4. Teddy Roosevelt's New Nationalism
  5. Which of the following prominent Americans was least enthusiastic about US imperialistic adventures in the 1890s?
  1. a a personal income tax
  2. b supported a broad program of social welfare and government regulation of business
  3. c e)Grover Cleveland
  4. d passionate reformer
    Woodrow Wilson's political philosophy included all of the following except scorn for the ideal of self - determination for minority peoples in other countries
  5. e establishing the idea of the talented tenth to lead African Americans

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  1. inflexible and stubborn
  2. prove that the government, not private business, ruled the country
  3. symbolized the rising political status of women
  4. Chicago
  5. Thorstein Veblen - "conspicious consumption"
    Jack London - destruction of nature
    Jacob Riis - slum conditions
    Henry demarest Lloyd - "bloated trusts"

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  1. According to progressives the cure for all American democracy ills wasmore democracy


  2. In 1904 the Russo-Japanese War started because
    a)Russia was seeking ice free ports in Chinese Manchuria
    b)the US refused to force Russia from Sakhalin Island
    c)Russia had forced Japan out of China
    d)Russia feared growing Japanese power in the Pacific
    e)of racial tensions between Russians and Japanese


  3. When Woodrow Wilson won reelection in 1916, he received strong support from theworking class


  4. Progressivismwas closely tied to the feminist movement and women's causes


  5. The four states completely carried by the Populists in the election of 1892 wereannounced that he would not be a candidate for a third term as president


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