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  1. The greatest loss of life for American fighting men durin the Spanish-american War resulted from
  2. The following were among the platform planks adopted by the Populist Party in their convention of 1892:
  3. Farmerswere slow to organize and promote their interest because they
    a)were not well educated
    b)did not possess the money necessary to establish a national political movement
    c)were divided by the wealitheir, more powerful manufactureres and railroad barons
    d)were too busy trying to eke out a living
    e)were by nature highly independent and individualistic
  4. Many Americans became concerned about the increasing foreign intervention in China because they
  5. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, guaranteed a substational measure of public control over the Amercican banking system through the final authoritiy given to the
  1. a a)feared that American missions would be jeopardized and chinese markets closed to non-Europeans
  2. b government ownership of the railroads, telephone, and telegraph, free and unlimited coinage of silver in the ration of 16 to 1, a one-term limit on the presidency, immigration restrictions
  3. c d)sickness in both Cuba and the US
  4. d ?
  5. e presidentially appointed Federal Reserve Board.

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  1. governmental efficiency
  2. personally delivered his presidential address to congress
  3. working class
  4. d
  5. having fait in them if they were properly educated

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  1. The progressive "Bull Moose" party died whenTeddy Roosevelt refused to run as the party presidential candidate in 1916.


  2. While president Theodore Roosevelt chose to label his reform proposals as thec)the Pres. could take any action not specifically prohibited by the laws and the Constitution


  3. All of the following were prime goals of earnest progressives exceptabolishing special workplace protections for women


  4. The settlement house and women's club movements were crucial centers of female pgrogressive activity because theyintroduced many middle-class women to a broader array of urban social problems and civic concerns


  5. American imperialists who advocated acquisition of the Philippines especially stressedb)their economic potential for American businessmenn seeking trade with China and other Asian nations


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