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  1. The numerous near wars and diplomatic cirses of the US in the late 1880s and 1890 demonstrated
  2. When Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, he intended his book to focus on attention on the
  3. Which of the following prominent Americans was least enthusiastic about US imperialistic adventures in the 1890s?
  4. The greatest loss of life for American fighting men durin the Spanish-american War resulted from
  5. In a bid to win labor's support, the Populist Party
    a)supported restrictions on immigration
    b)nominated Samule Gompers for president
    c)opposed injunctions against labor strikes
    d)endorsed workmen's compensation laws
    e)proposed a law guaranteeing the right to organize and strike
  1. a d)sickness in both Cuba and the US
  2. b e) the aggressive new national mood
  3. c e)Grover Cleveland
  4. d c
  5. e plight of the workers in the stockyards and meat-packing industry.

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  1. Chicago
  2. a personal income tax
  3. Kansas, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada
  4. ending special regulations governing women in the workplace
  5. government ownership of the railroads, telephone, and telegraph, free and unlimited coinage of silver in the ration of 16 to 1, a one-term limit on the presidency, immigration restrictions

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  1. According to the text, the runaway philosophical winner in the 1912 election wasprogressivism
    The first Jew to sit on the United States Supreme Court, appointed by Woodrow Wilson was Louis D. Brandeis


  2. America's initial Open Door Policy was essentially an argument to promote?


  3. The 1912 presidential election was notable becausePresident wilson aroused public opinion to support its passage


  4. All of the following were prime goals of earnest progressives exceptabolishing special workplace protections for women


  5. The progressive movement was instrumental in getting the Seventeenth amendment added to the constitution, which provided forwas designed to remove politics from municipal administration


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