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  1. All of the following were prime goals of earnest progressives except
  2. The greatest loss of life for American fighting men durin the Spanish-american War resulted from
  3. The Elkins and Hepburn acts dealt with the subject of
  4. All of the following characteristics describe William Jennings Bryan in 1869 except
    a)he had a brilliant mind
    b)he was very youthful
    c)he was an energetic and charismatic campaigher
    d)he was an excellent orator
    e)he radiated honesty and sincerity
  5. In his book Our Country: Its Possible Future and Its Present Crisis, the Reverend Josiah Strong advocated American expansion
    a)to maintain the international balance of power
    b)to open up new markets for industrial goods
    c)to spread American religion and values
    d)to ease labor violence at home
    e)to maintain white racial superiority
  1. a c
  2. b railroad regulations
  3. c a
  4. d d)sickness in both Cuba and the US
  5. e abolishing special workplace protections for women

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  1. c
  2. damming of rivers
  3. c
  4. supported a broad program of social welfare and government regulation of business
  5. the national governemnt did not automatically side with the owners in the dispute

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  1. President Woodrow Wilson refused to intervene in the affairs of mexico untilacademic scholars


  2. Pres. McKinley justified american acquisition of the philippines primarily by emphasizing thatb)their economic potential for American businessmenn seeking trade with China and other Asian nations


  3. The Federal Reserve Act gave the Federal Reserve Board the authority tothe Greenback Labor Party and the populist


  4. The 1912 presidential election was notable becausewas wedded more to the status quo than to progressive change.


  5. The Sixteenth Amendment provided forexplicityly legalized strikes and peaceful picketing.


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