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  1. Farmerswere slow to organize and promote their interest because they
    a)were not well educated
    b)did not possess the money necessary to establish a national political movement
    c)were divided by the wealitheir, more powerful manufactureres and railroad barons
    d)were too busy trying to eke out a living
    e)were by nature highly independent and individualistic
  2. While president Theodore Roosevelt chose to label his reform proposals as the
  3. John Dewey can rightly be called the "father of ---"
  4. The settlement house and women's club movements were crucial centers of female pgrogressive activity because they
  5. Progressive reform at the level of city government seemed to indicate that the progressives highest priority was
  1. a ?
  2. b progressive education
  3. c governmental efficiency
  4. d introduced many middle-class women to a broader array of urban social problems and civic concerns
  5. e Square Deal

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  1. Monroe Doctrine
  2. e)there was no acceptable alternative to their acquisition
  3. railroad regulations
  4. ?
    The revolution in Panama began when ?
  5. it gave the voters a clear choice of political and economic philosophies.

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  1. The progressive movement was instrumental in getting the Seventeenth amendment added to the constitution, which provided forb)the wretched condition of its navy
    by the 1890s the US was bursting with a new sense of power generated by an increase in population, wealth, industrial production


  2. During the building of the Panama Canal, all of the following difficulties were encountered excepta)guerilla warfare wage by Panamanian rebels against the US


  3. The independent republic annexed by the US during the Spanish-American War, but not acquired as a result of the warKansas, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada


  4. America's initial Open Door Policy was essentially an argument to promoteb)control of the sea was the key to world domination


  5. Arrange the following events in chronological ordera personal income tax


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