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  1. From 1914 to 1916, trade between the United States and Britain
  2. The progressive inspired city manager system of government
  3. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, guaranteed a substational measure of public control over the Amercican banking system through the final authoritiy given to the
  4. Before his first term ended, Woodrow Wilson had militarily intervened in our purchases all of the following countries except
  5. Woodrow Wilson's early efforts to conduct an anti-imperialist U.S. foreign policy
  1. a pulled the American economy out of a recession
  2. b cuba
  3. c presidentially appointed Federal Reserve Board.
  4. d sent American marines to Haiti
  5. e was designed to remove politics from municipal administration

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  1. the national governemnt did not automatically side with the owners in the dispute
  2. ?
    The revolution in Panama began when ?
  3. b)the wretched condition of its navy
    by the 1890s the US was bursting with a new sense of power generated by an increase in population, wealth, industrial production
  4. a personal income tax
  5. d)arbitration of the Venezuelan and British colonies

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  1. In the Root-Takahira agreement of 1908,
    a)the Japanese government agreed to limit the number of Japanese immigrant laborers entering the US
    b)the US and Japan agreed to respect each other's territorial goldings in the Pacific
    c)the US agreed to accept a Japanese sphere of influence in China
    d)the Japanese agreed to accept the segregation of Japanese children in California schools in return for the US' recognition of control of Korea
    e)Japan agreed to accept US control of the Philippines in exchange for Japanese domination of Manchuria


  2. The progressive movement was instrumental in getting the Seventeenth amendment added to the constitution, which provided forwas designed to remove politics from municipal administration


  3. To regain the power that the people had lost to the "interests", progressive advocated all of the following exceptabolishing special workplace protections for women


  4. Teddy Roosevelt decided to run for the presidency in 1912 becausethreatening to sieze the mines and to operate them with federal troops


  5. As a politician, Woodrow Wilson wasemerged in both major partiies, in all regions, at all levels of government


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