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  1. President Roosevelt believed that the federal governemnt should adopt a policy of
  2. Marcus Gravey, founder of the United Negro Improvement Association is known for all of the following except
  3. The extended Open Door policy advocated in Secretary John Hay's second note called on all big powers, including the US, to
    a)recognize Philippine independence at an early date
    b)guarantee the independence of Cuba
    c)maintain a balance of power in East Asia
    d)observe the territorial integrity of China
    e)pursue further investment in China
  4. The public outcry after the horrible Triangle Shirtwaist fire led to many states to pass
  5. Regarding the presidency, TR believed that
  1. a d
  2. b restrictions on female employment in the clothing industry
  3. c regulating
  4. d c)the Pres. could take any action not specifically prohibited by the laws and the Constitution
  5. e establishing the idea of the talented tenth to lead African Americans

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  1. c
  2. introduced many middle-class women to a broader array of urban social problems and civic concerns
  3. Chicago
  4. make the public aware of social problems
  5. more democracy

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  1. Political progressivisimemerged in both major partiies, in all regions, at all levels of government


  2. To regain the power that the people had lost to the "interests", progressive advocated all of the following exceptsocialism


  3. American imperialists who advocated acquisition of the Philippines especially stressedb)their economic potential for American businessmenn seeking trade with China and other Asian nations


  4. Congress passed the Underwood Tariff becausePresident wilson aroused public opinion to support its passage


  5. Pres. Cleveland rejected the effort to annex Hawaii becauseWilliam Howard Taft had seemed ot discard Roosevelt's policies


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