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  1. bastion
  2. chaos
  3. bigot
  4. befuddle
  5. barrister
  1. a one who is intolerant of another's beliefs, opinions, or values
  2. b complete disorder
  3. c lawyer
  4. d a strong defense; a fort
  5. e to confuse; to perplex

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  1. excessive greed; desire for wealth
  2. teasing; good-natured joking
  3. having to do with dogs
  4. to step sort and refuse to continue; to obstruct
  5. guided by whim rather than reason changing one's mind suddenly

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  1. bawdyindecent; humorously obscene


  2. charlatanone who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he or she really has, especially in the field of medicine


  3. causticoutspoken, blunt; informal unposed


  4. chastiseto punish severely


  5. avidoutspoken, blunt; informal unposed


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