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  1. thromb/o
  2. orthostatic hypotension
  3. angi/o
  4. cardi/o
  5. tachy-
  1. a decrease in blood pressure related to positional or postural changes from lying to sitting or standing positions
  2. b vessel (usually blood or lymph)
  4. d pertaining to the heart
  5. e fast, rapid

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  1. a macrocytic-normochromic type of anemia characterized by an inadequate supply of vitamin B12, causing red blood cells to become large, varied in shape, and reduced in number
  2. an episode that begins and ends abruptly, during which there are very rapid and regular heartbeats that originate in the atrium
  3. performed to evaluate how well blood flows through the coronary arteries of the heart muscle during exercise
  4. slow heart rate, usually below 60 beats per minute
  5. slows coagulation and prevents new clots from forming

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  1. cholesterola type of fat made by the body from saturated fat; a minor part of fat in foods


  2. coronary thrombosisthe closing off of a vessel that feeds the heart muscle by a stationary clot, or thrombus


  3. cardiomyopathya general term for disease of the heart muscle, such as alcoholic cardiomyopathy (damage to the heart muscle caused by excessive consumption of alcohol)


  4. leukemiacancer characterized by an increase in abnormal white blood cells


  5. defibrillationapplication of an electric shock to the myocardium through the chest wall to restore normal cardiac rhythm


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