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  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Acid Precipitation
  3. Photovoltaic cell
  4. Sustainable development
  5. Hydroelectric power
  1. a A resource that has a theoretically unlimited supply and is not depleted when used by humans.
  2. b Solar energy cells, usually made from silicon, that collect solar rays to generate electricity.
  3. c The level of development that can be maintained in a country without depleting resources to the extent that future generations will be unable to achieve a comparable level of development
  4. d Conversion of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides to acids that return to Earth as rain, sown , or fog.
  5. e Power generated from moving water

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  1. Materials from a nuclear reaction that emit radiation; contact with such particles may be harmful or lethal to people; therefore, the Materials must be safely stored for thousands of years
  2. A gas that absorbs ultraviolet solar radiation found in the stratosphere, a zone between 15 and 50 km above Earth's surface
  3. Metals utilized to make products other than iron and steel
  4. The splitting of an atomic nucleus to release energy
  5. Energy from steam or hot water produced from hot or molten underground rocks.

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  1. Air pollutionConcentration of trace substances, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and solid particulates, at a greater level than occurs in average air.


  2. Inanimate PowerPower supplied by machines


  3. FerrousMetals utilized to make products other than iron and steel


  4. Nonrenewable EnergyA source of energy that is a finite supply capable of being exhausted.


  5. ConservationThe sustainable use and management of a natural resource through consuming it at a less rapid rate than it can be replaced


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