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  1. Nonrenewable Energy
  2. Recycling
  3. Breeder reactor
  4. Photovoltaic cell
  5. Greenhouse Effect
  1. a A nuclear power plant that creates its own fuel from plutonium
  2. b A source of energy that is a finite supply capable of being exhausted.
  3. c Solar energy cells, usually made from silicon, that collect solar rays to generate electricity.
  4. d Anticipated increase in Earth's temperature caused by carbon dioxide (emitted by burning fossil fuels) trapping some of the radiation emitted by the surface.
  5. e The Separation, collection, processing, marketing, and reuse of unwanted material.

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  1. Conversion of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides to acids that return to Earth as rain, sown , or fog.
  2. Solar energy systems that collect energy without the use of mechanical devices
  3. The number of species within a specific habitat
  4. The amount of a resource in deposits not yet identified but thought to exist
  5. The splitting of an atomic nucleus to release energy

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  1. Radiation wasteMaterials from a nuclear reaction that emit radiation; contact with such particles may be harmful or lethal to people; therefore, the Materials must be safely stored for thousands of years


  2. PreservationThe sustainable use and management of a natural resource through consuming it at a less rapid rate than it can be replaced


  3. Sanitary LandfillPower supplied by people or animals.


  4. ResourceA substance in the environment that is useful to people, is economically and technologically feasible to access and is socially acceptable to use.


  5. Sustainable developmentThe level of development that can be maintained in a country without depleting resources to the extent that future generations will be unable to achieve a comparable level of development


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