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  1. transfer control
  2. de jure
  3. hacktivist
  4. Physical
  5. dynamic
  1. a A _____ filtering firewall can react to an emergent event and update or create rules to deal with the event.
  2. b One form of online vandalism is _____ operations, which interfere with or disrupt systems to protest the operations, policies, or actions of an organization or government agency.
  3. c The _____ strategy attempts to shift risk to other assets, other processes, or other organizations.
  4. d Standards may be published, scrutinized, and ratified by a group, as in formal or _____ standards.
  5. e _____ security addresses the issues necessary to protect the tangible items, objects, or areas of an organization from unauthorized access and misuse.

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  1. The concept of competitive _____ refers to falling behind the competition.
  2. The _____ strategy is the choice to do nothing to protect a vulnerability and to accept the outcome of its exploitation.
  3. The transfer of large batches of data to an off-site facility is called _____.
  4. Part of the logical design phase of the SecSDLC is planning for partial or catastrophic loss. _____ dictates what steps are taken when an attack occurs.
  5. An alert _____ is a document containing contact information for the people to be notified in the event of an incident.

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  1. NSTISSI No. 4011Strategic planning is the process of moving the organization towards its _____.


  2. KDC_____ generates and issues session keys in Kerberos.


  3. DMZICMP uses port _____ to request a response to a query and can be the first indicator of a malicious attack.


  4. 2001Microsoft acknowledged that if you type a res://URL (a Microsoft-devised type of URL) which is longer than _____ characters in Internet Explorer 4.0, the browser will crash.


  5. Packet-filtering_____ firewalls examine every incoming packet header and can selectively filter packets based on header information such as destination address, source address, packet type, and other key information.


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