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  1. MAC layer
  2. defend control
  3. PKI
  4. distributed denial-of-service
  5. rating and filtering
  1. a _____ firewalls are designed to operate at the media access control sublayer of the data link layer of the OSI network model.
  2. b _____ is an integrated system of software, encryption methodologies, and legal agreements that can be used to support the entire information infrastructure of an organization.
  3. c In most common implementation models, the content filter has two components: _____
  4. d A _____ is an attack in which a coordinated stream of requests is launched against a target from many locations at the same time.
  5. e The _____ strategy attempts to prevent the exploitation of the vulnerability.

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  1. _____ equals likelihood of vulnerability occurrence times value (or impact) minus percentage risk already controlled plus an element of uncertainty.
  2. Which of the following countries reported generally intolerant attitudes toward personal use of organizational computing resources?
  3. _____ addresses are sometimes called electronic serial numbers or hardware addresses.
  4. Which of the following acts is also widely known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  5. _____ generates and issues session keys in Kerberos.

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  1. USA Patriot Act_____ defines stiffer penalties for prosecution of terrorists crimes.


  2. (Fear of penalty; Probability of being caught; Probability of penalty being administered)
    Effective management includes planning and _____.


  3. man-in-the-middleIn the well-known _____ attack, an attacker monitors (or sniffs) packets from the network, modifies them, and inserts them back into the networks.


  4. social engineeringIn most common implementation models, the content filter has two components: _____


  5. hoaxesIn file hashing, a file is read by a special algorithm that uses the value of the bits in the file to compute a single large number called a _____ value.


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