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  1. How many minutes of hate are there every day in Oceania?
  2. Who, specifically is the enemy of the people?
  3. Which ministry deals with propaganda and changing history?
  4. Who/What is the representative of the government?
  5. What does Winston do when he bends down?
  1. a Emmanuel Goldstein
  2. b Big Brother
  3. c coughs
  4. d Two
  5. e Ministry of Truth

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  1. Airstrip One
  2. Ministry of Peace
  3. 39
  4. In the fifties
  5. Colchester

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  1. Complete the slogan: War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance isThe future and the unborn


  2. Who enforces the law in Oceania?The lower classes who live seperated from the Inner and Outer Parties


  3. What is the Brotherhood?A shadowy organization


  4. What is the nickname the proles have for rocket bombs?steamers


  5. Who does Winston write the diary for?The Ministry of truth


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