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  1. Where does Winston Smith live?
  2. After a dream of seeing the girl in the Golden Country, Winston awakens with a word on his lips. What is the word?
  3. What are ways the government of Oceania controls its citizens?
  4. What does the caption on the Big Brother posters say?
  5. Who is the main character of 1984?
  1. a Big Brother is watching you
  2. b Rewrite history, fear of bad thoughts, fear of common enemy, monitor the citizens using cameras, corrupt babies and children (teach them to love Big Brother and hate most other things), rallies to generate support, and creation of a new laguage
  3. c Winston Smith
  4. d "Shakespeare"
  5. e Oceania

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  1. After 1960
  2. Eastasia, and Eurasia
  3. The Inner
  4. The Ministry of truth
  5. The Youth League

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  1. Where does mrs. parson work?Oceania


  2. Winston's hostile and glaring colleague in the Records Department is namedAll records of your existence are erased


  3. What does the Golden country look like?The Ministry of truth


  4. what country does Winston dream of?The Ministry of truth


  5. What is the newspeak word for Ministry of Love?Miniplenty


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