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  1. Who ask Winston to look at her kitchen sink?
  2. What does Winston do for the Ministry of Truth?
  3. Who is one of the few people Winston can relate to?
  4. Definition of Newspeak
  5. How many weeks of hate are there every year in Oceania?
  1. a One
  2. b Newly created language of Oceania
  3. c O'Brien
  4. d Edits and revises historical records. Deletes the record of people who have been vaporized.
  5. e Mrs. Parson

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  1. A shadowy organization
  2. unconsciousness
  3. The Ministry of truth
  4. piece of pink coral
  5. London

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  1. what country does Winston dream of?Golden Country


  2. What party is O'Brien a member of?The Outer


  3. How old is Winston Smith?Thinking anti-party thoughts


  4. what department of the Ministry of Truth does Winston work in?The Records Department


  5. Who is the main character of 1984?Winston Smith


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