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  1. Which ministry deals with propaganda and changing history?
  2. What is the nickname the proles have for rocket bombs?
  3. Who/What is the representative of the government?
  4. According to Syme, what is "orthodoxy"?
  5. what department of the Ministry of Truth does Winston work in?
  1. a The Records Department
  2. b Ministry of Truth
  3. c Big Brother
  4. d steamers
  5. e unconsciousness

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  1. Lying in the window of a frowsy little junk shop in a slummy quarter of the town
  2. Emmanuel Goldstein
  3. The Outer
  4. Scarlet
  5. "Shakespeare"

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  1. What city did the unexpected atom bomb fall on?The Outer


  2. What is Ingsoc?Thinking anti-party thoughts


  3. What are the other two countries besides Oceania?a typical rural landscape. beautiful plains and praries.


  4. Where does Winston Smith live?39


  5. What is Winston's first entry in the journal about?Watching War Movies


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