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  1. What health problem does Winston have?
  2. What did Winston steal from his younger sister?
  3. What happens if you go against society?
  4. After a dream of seeing the girl in the Golden Country, Winston awakens with a word on his lips. What is the word?
  5. Who ask Winston to look at her kitchen sink?
  1. a "Shakespeare"
  2. b Varicose
  3. c chocolate
  4. d Mrs. Parson
  5. e You are vaporized

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  1. steamers
  2. coughs
  3. Winston Smith
  4. the proles
  5. synthetic gin

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  1. Definition of NewspeakHolding two contradictory thoughts at the same time


  2. What are people called in Oceania instead of Mr. and Mrs.?Comrade


  3. Who enforces the law in Oceania?The Thought Police


  4. What is the new name for England?Airstrip One


  5. Which ministry deals with war?The Ministry of Truth


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