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  1. Definition of Newspeak
  2. Both Syme and Parsons ask Winston if he has any spare
  3. What party is Winston a member of?
  4. what department of the Ministry of Truth does Winston work in?
  5. What does Winston do for the Ministry of Truth?
  1. a The Records Department
  2. b razor blades
  3. c Edits and revises historical records. Deletes the record of people who have been vaporized.
  4. d The Outer
  5. e Newly created language of Oceania

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  1. After 1960
  2. Srength
  3. chocolate
  4. Young and pretty women
  5. Ministry of Plenty

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  1. Comrade Ogilvy isa fictitious person created by Winston for a rewritten Times article


  2. What significant happens in the Movie theatre that is watching war movies?You are vaporized


  3. All of the following are (presumably) vaporized except:Winston Smith


  4. Which ministry deals with propaganda and changing history?Ministry of Plenty


  5. What is the nickname the proles have for rocket bombs?steamers


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