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  1. Inside the glass paperweight is a
  2. According to Winston, approximately, what time was Ingsoc created?
  3. Why do people hate Emmanuel Goldstein?
  4. What does Winston work for?
  5. Where does Winston Smith live?
  1. a He betratyed Big Brother
  2. b After 1960
  3. c piece of pink coral
  4. d Oceania
  5. e The Ministry of truth

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  1. Big Brother is watching you
  2. Mrs. Parson
  3. none
  4. Ministry of Truth
  5. Colchester

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  1. Who are the Proles?A shadowy organization


  2. What is the newspeak word Ministry of Truth?Minitrue


  3. All of the following are (presumably) vaporized except:He betratyed Big Brother


  4. Definition of DoublethinkHolding two contradictory thoughts at the same time


  5. What does Winston do for the Ministry of Truth?Edits and revises historical records. Deletes the record of people who have been vaporized.


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