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  1. Proles make up what percent of Oceania's population?
  2. Which ministry deals with propaganda and changing history?
  3. Winston is afraid of
  4. Definition of Doublethink
  5. What is the nickname the proles have for rocket bombs?
  1. a Rats
  2. b steamers
  3. c Holding two contradictory thoughts at the same time
  4. d Ministry of Truth
  5. e 85

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  1. All records of your existence are erased
  2. a fictitious person created by Winston for a rewritten Times article
  3. none
  4. Miniluv
  5. Telescreen

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  1. What are people called in Oceania instead of Mr. and Mrs.?Emmanuel Goldstein


  2. Who does Winston write the diary for?coughs


  3. Who, specifically is the enemy of the people?A shadowy organization


  4. Both Syme and Parsons ask Winston if he has any spareThe Outer


  5. What does the Golden country look like?The Ministry of truth


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