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  1. What percentage of skin aging is a result of sun damage?
  2. What is elastin?
  3. Besides wrinkles, what is another skin problem which significantly detracts from the face and skin's appearance?
  4. What is AHA and what are examples?
  5. What is Erythema?
  1. a Elastin is an elastic protein in connective tissue that allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting
  2. b Superficial reddening of the skin, usually in patches, as a result of injury, irritation, or sunburn causing dilatation of the blood capillaries. [from Gk. "erythros" = red]
  3. c AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. The most commonly used AHA's are Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid.
  4. d Dark spots. 21% of visits to the Dermatologist are for the treatment of dark spots.
  5. e Ninety percent of skin aging is a result of sun damage

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  1. USP = United States Pharmaceutical. The USP was founded in 1820 to combat inconsistent drug quality and protect the public health; to create a system of standards to help ensure medication quality and uniformity in the United States. Official USP standards are legally enforceable by the U.S. Food Drug and Administration (FDA) for drugs imported to or marketed in the United States. USP establishes both written standards and physical USP Reference Standards. []
  2. Skin produces more NMF, but production takes several days to reach necessary levels, consequently skin may become quite dehydrated. This is why moisturizing is essential in a dry environment. [Skin Type Solution, 19]
  3. 10 percent [Cosmetic Cop Podcast, July 18th, 2012]
  4. A diagnostic tool whereby ultraviolet light (at a wavelength of ~ 365 nm) is shone onto the patients skin and shows any abnormalities as a fluroescence (light emitted from absorbing radiation). It reveals dark facial spots before they are visible to normal light.
  5. Materials such as oils and waxes which cannot be penetrated by water. Occlusives are spread onto skin to form a film which shields it to slow and prevent moisture from evaporating. []

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  1. What is a good analogy for exfoliation?...


  2. What skin related problems arise directly as a result of sun exposure?Ninety percent of skin aging is a result of sun damage


  3. What are Free Radicals?...


  4. What is Genistein?A fibrous protein that occurs in the outer layer of skin and in horny tissues such as hair, feathers, nails and hooves.


  5. What often happens to people taking cholesterol lowering drugs?Vitamin C promotes Collage Synthesis and is an antioxidant.


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