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  1. interlocutor
  2. exhortation
  3. prattle (verb)
  4. eulogy
  5. parley (noun)
  1. a verb: to chatter; to babble about nothing
  2. b noun: one who takes part in a dialogue; one who asks questions
  3. c noun: a formal debate or discussion with the enemy: parlance
  4. d noun: high praise, especially for the dead
  5. e noun: a speech intended to war, excite, or encourage

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  1. verb: to talk extravagantly on a subject
  2. adjective: extremely talkative
  3. noun: a sermon; a religious discourse, an inspirational catch phrase; platitude
  4. noun: empty talk; chatter
  5. verb: to shout in a deep voice (like a bull)

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  1. parlancenoun: a formal debate or discussion with the enemy; parley


  2. locutionnoun: a style of speaking or phrasing


  3. obloquynoun: a speech against someone; a censure; a public reproach


  4. spielnoun: an extravagant talk on a subject


  5. circumlocutionnoun: a style of speaking or phrasing


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