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  1. There had to be a reducing atmosphere rather than one with oxygen, otherwise formation of those molecules would have been extremely difficult.
  2. kingdom
  3. Archaea and Eukarya share the characteristic of growth not inhibited by streptomycin and chloramphenicol
  4. Molecular phylogenetics suggests that myriapods and insects may be sister clades.
  5. ATP
  1. a Which statement is an accurate description of the characteristics found in the examples below that relate to the three Domains of life?
  2. b Which one of the following statements about the classification of arthropods and crustaceans is false?
  3. c In the original experiments by Stanley Miller and Harold Urey to synthesize organic molecules in an abiotic environment, which one of the following would you not expect to find in the collection flask?
  4. d Of the following primitive Earth conditions and chemical reactions, which one do biochemists know was important to the formation of amino acids and subsequent formation of complex carbon molecules that are common to life?
  5. e Molecular data indicates that land plants belong in the same ________ as green algae.

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  1. Which of the following is generally not considered essential to explain the origin of life on Earth?
  2. Diversity among the vast numbers of organisms that have arisen on Earth can be attributed to ____.
  3. Which of the following was demonstrated by the Miller-Urey experiment?
  4. The oldest fossils of eukaryotes have been estimated to be
  5. The first living organisms that arose on earth are believed to have evolved according to a series of steps represented by the appearance of specific molecules. Of the molecules listed, which one would most likely have appeared fourth?

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  1. O2Living organisms can be divided into _____ domains.


  2. cyanobacteriaA kingdom not containing eukaryotes is


  3. 3Living organisms can be divided into _____ domains.


  4. orderIn the taxonomic hierarchical system for grouping organisms, the next higher group to a family is


  5. EukaryaAn organism has just been located and needs to be placed into one of the domains of life. The characteristics that have been reported are multicellular and autotrophic. Based on your knowledge, which domain should this organism be placed?


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