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  1. endosymbiosis
  2. meteors and/or cosmic dust clouds carried various complex organic molecules to the Earth, which eventually evolved into what we know today.
  3. Land plants are now considered a subgroup within the Chlorophyta
  4. There had to be a reducing atmosphere rather than one with oxygen, otherwise formation of those molecules would have been extremely difficult.
  5. how mitochondria and chloroplasts were derived from prokaryotic cells
  1. a A scientist is studying endosymbiosis in cells. This means she is investigating
  2. b Eukaryotic cells acquired mitochondria and chloroplasts by
  3. c Which one of the following statements about origin of land plants is false?
  4. d Of the following primitive Earth conditions and chemical reactions, which one do biochemists know was important to the formation of amino acids and subsequent formation of complex carbon molecules that are common to life?
  5. e One of the theories about the origin of life is panspermia. Panspermia proposes that

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  1. Segmentation is thought to have evolved three times, twice in protostomes and once in deuterstomes as seen in the
  2. True multicellularity is a major characteristic of
  3. The biological name of an organism in the binomial system contains two parts, the genus and the
  4. Kingdom Protista can be described as
  5. Eukaryotic organisms are classified into a total of

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  1. prokaryotesSegmentation is thought to have evolved three times, twice in protostomes and once in deuterstomes as seen in the


  2. six kingdomsMost biologists now recognize and use a newer system for classification of all organisms that identify


  3. orderThe apparatus in the figure was used by Stanley Miller and Harold Urey to study the origin of life on Earth. The presence of what compound in chamber B in the apparatus will prevent the accumulation of simple organic molecules in compartment A?


  4. A. bacteria.
    B. protists.
    C. yeasts.
    D. prokaryotes.
    E. none of the kingdoms.
    Diversity among the vast numbers of organisms that have arisen on Earth can be attributed to ____.


  5. 3.5 billion years agoThe oldest fossils of eukaryotes have been estimated to be


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