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  1. how mitochondria and chloroplasts were derived from prokaryotic cells
  2. paraphyletic
  3. Eukarya
  4. multicellularity
  5. endosymbiosis
  1. a Kingdom Protista can be described as
  2. b An organism has just been located and needs to be placed into one of the domains of life. The characteristics that have been reported are multicellular and autotrophic. Based on your knowledge, which domain should this organism be placed?
  3. c Eukaryotic cells acquired mitochondria and chloroplasts by
  4. d A scientist is studying endosymbiosis in cells. This means she is investigating
  5. e The characteristics of life include all of the following except

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  1. Most biologists now recognize and use a newer system for classification of all organisms that identify
  2. Of the following, the largest, most inclusive grouping in the classification scheme is
  3. If two organisms are in the same phylum and the same order, then they also belong to the same
  4. Which one of the following statements about origin of land plants is false?
  5. Pinus in the scientific name Pinus ponderosa is the

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  1. LinnaeusThe biological name of an organism in the binomial system contains two parts, the genus and the


  2. segmentation evolved separately in these two groupsAnnelids and arthropods were thought to be closely related in one sense because of the character of segmentation. Molecular data has recently shown that


  3. some of the organic compounds needed for life could be formed abioticallyWhich one of the following statements about the classification of annelids and arthropods is false?


  4. 2.5 billion years oldLife apparently originated on Earth about


  5. inoculating with a few bacteria to get the process startedAn experimental test of the hypothesis to explain the origin of the first organic compounds on Earth might include all of the following sequential steps (starting with A and proceeding to E) except


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