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  1. Linnaeus
  2. Fungi
  3. Eukarya
  4. inoculating with a few bacteria to get the process started
  5. genus
  1. a An experimental test of the hypothesis to explain the origin of the first organic compounds on Earth might include all of the following sequential steps (starting with A and proceeding to E) except
  2. b The binomial system of classification of organisms was developed by
  3. c An organism has just been located and needs to be placed into one of the domains of life. The characteristics that have been reported are multicellular and autotrophic. Based on your knowledge, which domain should this organism be placed?
  4. d Pinus in the scientific name Pinus ponderosa is the
  5. e One day while Dr. Rogers was working in his taxonomic laboratory, a package arrived with the following label: "Beware, the contents of this package contains a eukaryotic, multicellular, nonmotile, nonphotosynthetic life form. Open with extreme caution." Dr. Rogers quickly closed the doors and windows of his laboratory and opened the package. To which kingdom of life could this life form belong?

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  1. Which of the following was produced in experiments on primitive Earth conditions conducted by Miller-Urey and others?
  2. True multicellularity is a major characteristic of
  3. The characteristics of life include all of the following except
  4. Annelids and arthropods were thought to be closely related in one sense because of the character of segmentation. Molecular data has recently shown that
  5. The oldest microfossils are of

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  1. 2.5 billion years oldLife apparently originated on Earth about


  2. Organic molecules important to life could have been formed from a vast array of simple chemicals.Urey and Miller, using a sterile container with boiling water, a reducing atmosphere, an electric spark, and a condenser, were able to determine that


  3. endosymbiosisThe phenomenon that probably gave rise to the organelles in eukaryotes is


  4. paraphyleticKingdom Protista can be described as


  5. Land plants are now considered a subgroup within the ChlorophytaTwo principal organelles of eukaryotes that share features with one another and with bacteria from which they apparently were derived are the


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