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  1. john calvin's belief that god chose beforehand which people were saved, and which were damned to hell
  2. began by Pope Leo X; pardon sold by catholic church to reduce one's punishment as long as they repented
  3. catholic reformation that began in the 1530s as an effort to foster a more spiritual outlook in the church and clarified the doctrines of the church; campaign against protestants
  4. gave Huguenots freedom of worship, published by Henry IV
  5. renaissance scholars who specialized in the humanities and stressed the individual & thinking for yourself
  6. luther's belief that faith alone was enough to reach salvation

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  1. theocracywritten by thomas more, a book describing a perfect society, criticizing the society of his day


  2. "Renaissance Man"transmission of ideas of the renaissance north, mainly to germany;driven more by printing and literature than art


  3. northern renaissancea government calvin set up that was ruled by the clergy and claimed god's authority.


  4. Utopiameans "fresh" and refers to painting directly on wet plaster


  5. reformationa religious revolution that split the christian church into many sects in western europe


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