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  1. they agree with probable cause-signs true bill- inclement, set date for.......
  2. prosecutor
  3. goes to Circuit Court or...
  4. officer testifies again in front of
  5. defendant
  1. a a person accused of crime in a court case
  2. b Circuit court trial
  3. c person who represents the government side in a court case
  4. d grand jury
  5. e if no bill, it is over

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  1. doubt about guilt of a criminal defendant
  2. trial
  3. the right of the U.S. citizens to be treated fairly by their government
  4. lets go on own recognizance
  5. a decision of jury

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  1. bailthe determination of a persons guilt or innocence by due process


  2. due process amendmentsthe right of the U.S. citizens to be treated fairly by their government


  3. appellate jurisdictionthe authority of some courts to review decisions and by lower courts


  4. grand jurya group that hears evidence in a crimnial case and decides whether there is enough evidence to bring the accused person to trial


  5. next business day- arraigiment in district court in front of judge, bailiff and accused. judge appoints a lawyer if accused needs one, sets...8years-appeals and circuit, 6 years- district- can be re-elected


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