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  1. the judicial branch...
  2. if magistrate finds cause- writes a....
  3. criminal case
  4. arraignment
  5. plea
  1. a warrant
  2. b court cases in which a person is accused of breaking a criminal law
  3. c process during which appears before a court to enter a plea
  4. d interprets the law
  5. e entering of guilty or not guilty by accused

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  1. lawyer
  2. court cases involving disputes over money or property between individuals or businesses
  3. 5 and 14
  4. the right of the U.S. citizens to be treated fairly by their government
  5. lets go on own recognizance

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  1. next business day- arraigiment in district court in front of judge, bailiff and accused. judge appoints a lawyer if accused needs one, sets...preliminary hearing date


  2. goes to Circuit Court or...if no bill, it is over


  3. defendanta person accused of crime in a court case


  4. police officer makes...arrests


  5. if judge at preliminary hearing(General District Court) agrees with probable cause, goes to.....grand jury(panel of 12)


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