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  1. takes suspect to the...
  2. officer testifies again in front of
  3. the executive branch...
  4. police officer makes...
  5. bail
  1. a enforces the law
  2. b grand jury
  3. c magistrate
  4. d arrests
  5. e money or property an accused person gives a court to hold as a guarantee that he or she will appear for their trial

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  1. the reason for an arrest, based on the knowledge of a crime and the available evidence
  2. lawyer
  3. all players ( officer, judge, prosecutor, defense, accused, bailiff) are there. officer testifies to probable cause and facts(who, what, where, when, etc.) and is questioned by the attorneys, accused enters plea
  4. 8years-appeals and circuit, 6 years- district- can be re-elected
  5. person who represents the government side in a court case

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  1. misdemeanora less serious crime


  2. appellate jurisdictionthe authority of some courts to review decisions and by lower courts


  3. circuit court traitif no bill, it is over


  4. jury foremanperson who keeps order and leads jury, reads verdict


  5. pleaentering of guilty or not guilty by accused


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