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  1. magistrate sets bail or does what?
  2. original jurisdiction
  3. civil case
  4. police officer makes...
  5. plea
  1. a arrests
  2. b entering of guilty or not guilty by accused
  3. c court cases involving disputes over money or property between individuals or businesses
  4. d the authority of a court to be the first court to hold as a guarantee that he/she will appear in court
  5. e lets go on own recognizance

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  1. 8years-appeals and circuit, 6 years- district- can be re-elected
  2. suspect has choice if jury or just a judge
  3. doubt about guilt of a criminal defendant
  4. 12 years, elected by majority of both houses of General Assembly
  5. a decision of jury

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  1. felonyserious crime, such as homicide and kidnapping


  2. jury foremanperson who keeps order and leads jury, reads verdict


  3. they agree with probable cause-signs true bill- inclement, set date for.......Circuit court trial


  4. due processentering of guilty or not guilty by accused


  5. officer presents...the right of the U.S. citizens to be treated fairly by their government


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