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  1. Cell Theory
  2. Cleavage Furrow
  3. Tumor
  4. Prophase
  5. Fertilization
  1. a first sign of cytokinesis during cell division in an animal cell; shallow groove in cell
  2. b abnormal mass of cells that forms within otherwise normal tissue
  3. c first stage of mitosis
  4. d all living things are composed of cells and all cells come from other cells (discovered through microorgansims)
  5. e union of the nucleus of a sperm cell with the nucleus of the egg cell

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  1. speeds up chemical reactions in a cell; missing a necessary enzyme could lead to lactose-intolerance
  2. reproduction of cells
  3. energy level representing distance of an electron from the nucleus of an atom
  4. Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen
  5. long molecule consisting of building blocks (monomers) strung together

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  1. Eukaryotic Cellcell containing a single set of chromosomes (n)


  2. Sex Chromosomeschromosome that determines sex of a baby


  3. Isotopesvariant form of atom; isotope of an atom has the same number of protons but different number of neutrons


  4. Telophasemost abundant organic compound on earth, helps to form walls of plant cells


  5. Cellular Respirationharvesting of energy from food molecules


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