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  1. Starch
  2. Flagella
  3. Sister Chromatids
  4. Centromere
  5. 7 Properties of Life
  1. a a
  2. b one of the two identical parts of a duplicated chromosome in a eukaryotic cell
  3. c storage polysaccharide in plants
  4. d region of duplicated chromosome where two sister chromatids join and where spindle microtubules attach during mitosis and meiosis
  5. e long cellular appendage specialized for locomotion

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  1. carbohydrate monomer, simplest carbohydrate, building block of di/polysaccharides
  2. factor that changes
  3. building blocks of polymers
  4. union of the nucleus of a sperm cell with the nucleus of the egg cell
  5. lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, proteins

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  1. Biological Organizationharvesting of energy from food molecules


  2. Nucleolusassembles ribosomes


  3. Benign Tumorcompounds with the same formula but different structures


  4. Trace Elementselements that are essential, but only in minute quantities


  5. Muscle and Nerve Cellslargest cells in human body


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