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  1. Mediation
  2. Interest-based bargaining (IBB)
  3. Dues checkoff
  4. Closed shop
  5. Work councils
  1. a As related to international labor relations, groups of workers and management representatives charged with examining how to improve company performance, working conditions, job security, etc.
  2. b Form of negotiating where parties look for common ground and attempt to satisfy mutual interests through the bargaining process.
  3. c Clause that states that union membership is a condition of hiring; is illegal (except in the construction industry).
  4. d Method of nonbinding dispute resolution involving a third party who helps disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable decision; also known as conciliation.
  5. e Where employees agree in writing to an automatic deduction of dues from their paychecks.

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  1. Acronym used by many labor management attorneys and consultants that covers most of the unfair labor practice pitfalls a supervisor can run into: Don't Threaten, Interrogate, Promise, or Spy.
  2. Collective bargaining items required by law and the NLRB.
  3. When more than one employer negotiates with the union; also known as multiple employer bargaining.
  4. Refusal by employees to work.
  5. Set of two or more people who are equally accountable for the accomplishment of a purpose and specific performance goals.

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  1. Progressive disciplineSystem of increasingly severe penalties for employee discipline.


  2. Employee handbookExplains major and generally describes the employee benefits provided.


  3. Fraudulent misrepresentationRequires that unions act fairly on behalf of the employees they represent in negotiation and administering collective bargaining agreements.


  4. Secondary boycottsUnion employees'right to have a union representative or coworker present during an investigatory interview.


  5. Excelsior ListList the employer has to provide to the union with the names and addresses of certain employees within seven days after the direction of or consent to an election.


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