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Employee and Labor Relations Test

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  1. Salting
  2. Telecommuting
  3. Task identity
  4. Civil Service Reform Act
  5. Injunction
  1. a Process of using paid union organizers to infiltrate an organization and organize a company's workers.
  2. b Working via computing and telecommunications equipment.
  3. c Court order that directs a party, employer, or union to do or refrain from doing a certain act (or acts).
  4. d Act that extended collective bargaining rights to federal employees.
  5. e Extent to which a job requires a "whole," identifiable unit of work.

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  1. Contracts that force employees to agree not to join a union or participate in any union activity as a condition of employment.
  2. Cards signed by employees to indicate that they want union representation.
  3. Type of contract negotiation based on four premises:1) separate the people from the problem, 2) focus on interests, not positions, 3) invent options for mutual gain, and 4) insist on objective criteria.
  4. NLRB decision that lifted some of the restrictions on employers' use of employee participation committees.
  5. When an employer recognizes a union as being entitled to conduct collective bargaining on behalf of workers in a particular bargainiing unit.

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  1. Task significanceExtent to which a job has a substantial impact on other people.


  2. Job enlargementAct that protects the rights of employees to organize unhampered by management; also known as National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)


  3. Skip-level interviewsPractice in union-free organizations of encouraging managers to spend time with each employee two levels below them on an annual basis.


  4. Circuit City Stores v. AdamsNLRB certification indicating that a union has lost an election.


  5. Unfair labor practice (ULP)Violation statutory right under labor-relations statutes.


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