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  1. Interest-based bargaining (IBB)
  2. Dues checkoff
  3. Negligent retention
  4. Hot Cargo clauses
  5. Closed shop
  1. a Clause that states that union membership is a condition of hiring; is illegal (except in the construction industry).
  2. b Where employees agree in writing to an automatic deduction of dues from their paychecks.
  3. c Retention of employees who engage in misconduct both during and after working hours.
  4. d Form of negotiating where parties look for common ground and attempt to satisfy mutual interests through the bargaining process.
  5. e Agreement that union members are not required to handle goods made by nonunion labor or a struck plant; illegal except for provisions in the construction and clothing industries.

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  1. Broadening the scope of a job by expanding the number of different tasks to be performed.
  2. Group of people that work in a self-managing way. Typically the group assumes complete autonomy.
  3. Act that provides balance of power between union and management by designating certain union activities as unfair labor practices; also known as Taft-Hartley Act.
  4. Clause that states that even if workers do not join the union, they must still pay the equivalent of dues to the union.
  5. Principle under which regulations on unfair labor practices that apply to employers and unions also apply to acts of their agents.

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  1. Collective bargaining agreement (CBA)Process by which management and union representatives negotiate the employment conditions for a particular bargaining unit for a designated period of time.


  2. Norris-LaGuardia ActAct that protects the rights of employees to organize unhampered by management; also known as National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)


  3. Consent electionType of representation election that involves an agreement between an employer and a union to waive the preelection hearing.


  4. MediationProcedure in which disputes are submitted to one or more impartial persons for final determination.


  5. Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA)Removes authority of a bargaining representative in a non-right-to-work state to negotiate or enforce a union security clause.


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