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  1. Coalition bargaining
  2. Union
  3. Industrial democracy
  4. Skip-level interviews
  5. Mandatory Subjects
  1. a Practice in union-free organizations of encouraging managers to spend time with each employee two levels below them on an annual basis.
  2. b Collective bargaining items required by law and the NLRB.
  3. c When more than one employer negotiates with the union; also known as multiple employer bargaining.
  4. d Formal association of employees that promotes the interests of its membership through collective action.
  5. e Breaks the monotony of routine jobs by shifting people between comparable but different jobs.

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  1. Process by which management and union representatives negotiate the employment conditions for a particular bargaining unit for a designated period of time.
  2. Action directed at a primary party through action against some third party.
  3. Method of nonbinding dispute resolution involving a third party who helps disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable decision; also known as conciliation.
  4. Work schedule that requires employees to work an established number of hours per week but allows starting and ending times to vary.
  5. Type of picketing done to advise the public that an employer is non-union.

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  1. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS)Offers assistance in contract settlement and maintains a list of arbitrators to help interpret contract language and resolve disputes.


  2. ProcedureBroad statement that reflects an organization's philosophy, objectives, or standards concerning a particular set of management or employee activities.


  3. Zipper clauseDetailed, step-by-step description of the customary method of handling an activity.


  4. Reserved rights doctrineGrants management full authority and discretion over the items that are or could be covered unless the contract limits management's rights in a particular area.


  5. Work ruleReflects management decisions regarding specific actions to be taken or avoided in a given situation.


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