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  1. seldom
  2. stimulate
  3. tempest
  4. rebel
  5. restrict
  1. a a limit
  2. b to refuse to accept control by others
  3. c to make more active
  4. d a violent windstorm usually with snow, rain, or hail
  5. e not often; rarely

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  1. a person who refuses to obey orders or the law
  2. to make angry; to annoy
  3. to get back health and strength after an illness
  4. a drawing, painting, or photograph of a person, especially the face
  5. to devote to a serious purpose

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  1. overthrowunpaid when owed


  2. overduecoming later than expected or needed


  3. dedicateto set aside for a certain purpose


  4. rebellionfighting against another's control; disobedient


  5. tempestuousa violent windstorm usually with snow, rain, or hail


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