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  1. The separation of powers and the checks and balances established by the Constitution
  2. The Articles of Confederation were adopted by
  3. Lockean thought and the Declaration of Independence are similar in that both
  4. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention did not worry about preserving individual rights for all of the following reasons.
  5. The Virgina and New Jersey Plans introducede at teh Constitutional Convention differed mainly over whether
  1. a the representation was equal or based on population
  2. b give people responsibility and focus on the people
  3. c the Continental Congress
  4. d because the limited government couldn't threaten personal freedoms
  5. e is to have each branch check and regulate each other to keep the system balanced

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  1. declaring independence
  2. factions like instability, tyranny, and violence
  3. resolved the impasse between those who favored the New Jersey Plan and those who favored the Virginia Plan
  4. colonial administration and defense
  5. address problems with the economy

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  1. The system of checks and balances in the Constitution means thatin response to Anti-Federalist papers


  2. Compared to teh government under the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution gave teh central governmentconfederate


  3. Constitutional amendments are usually ratified bylegisatures of 3/4 of states or special state conventions in 4/4 states


  4. The primary author of the Declaration of Independencestated grievances against teh British monarch and was a Declaration of Independence


  5. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitutionin response to Anti-Federalist papers


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