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  1. Beginning in 1781, the United States was governed under the
  2. Under the Articles of Confederation, most power rested with the
  3. Under the Articles of Confederation, power in the states began to shift to the hands of
  4. What was the significance of the Annapolis meeting?
  5. Ratification of the Constitution
  1. a state legislatures
  2. b the state governments
  3. c discussed problems from the Articles of Confederation
  4. d Articles of Confederation
  5. e required 9 of 13 states to approve it

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  1. Shay's Rebellion
  2. special conventions in each state
  3. property
  4. colonists had no representation in Parliament; boycotted British goods; formed First Continental Congress
  5. laws are determined by an innate moral sense

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  1. Constitutional amendments are usually ratified byspecial conventions in each state


  2. The British levied new taxes on its North American colonies in the eighteenth century in order to pay forcolonial administration and defense


  3. The two key elements of the Madisonan model were toto gain independence from Britain


  4. Compared to teh government under the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution gave teh central governmenteconomic stability


  5. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention did not worry about preserving individual rights for all of the following reasons.because the limited government couldn't threaten personal freedoms


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