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AP Government Ch. 2 QK Test

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  1. Reflecting the natural rights philosophy, the Declaration of Independence stated that governments derive their just powers from
  2. As originally established by the Constitution, the House of Representatives had how many members from each state?
  3. Constitutional amendments are usually ratified by
  4. Opposition to ratification of the Constitution was based on the belief that it would
  5. Those who met at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were
  1. a be too much change
  2. b different amounts based on population
  3. c the people
  4. d legisatures of 3/4 of states or special state conventions in 4/4 states
  5. e representatives from 12 states

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  1. resolved the impasse between those who favored the New Jersey Plan and those who favored the Virginia Plan
  2. confederate
  3. more egalitarian and democratic
  4. two
  5. state legislatures

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  1. On the issue of slaves, the Constitution specifiedslaves were legal (except in Massachussets)


  2. What view of human nature did the delegates at the Constitutional Convention have?it was a core idea and the main focus


  3. Compared to teh government under the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution gave teh central governmentconfederate


  4. The primary goal of the American Revolution waswas Thomas Jefferson


  5. A small band of farmers in western Massachussetts took up arms in what is remembered asShay's Rebellion


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