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  1. better than anyone else, outstanding, supreme; Someone can be ______ in their field, but that does not guarantee that they'll be a good teacher.
  2. deplore, belittle, express disapproval of; When the boy and his sister were young, they treasured every moment together, but as they became teenagers, they began to ______ each other constantly.
  3. chatty, tiresomely talkative, wordy, rambling; To be sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to speak, it is important that no one is too ______.

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  1. derogatorydemeaning, disparaging, belittling, intentionally offensive; The girl's boyfriend was so deceitful that he appeared to be flattering her while actually making ______ remarks.


  2. ineffableindescribable, unutterable, unspeakable, beyond words; The beauty of the fiery orange ball of sun, slowly sinking into Lake Michigan, was absolutely ______.


  3. denizeninhabitant; In his heyday, he was a ______ of Hollywood, but now that he has been forgotten, he lives in an obscure town in Iowa.


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