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  1. Ribs
  2. Pelvic Girdle
  3. Femur
  4. Mandible
  5. Vertebrae
  1. a Jawbone.
  2. b Bones that protect the heart and lungs.
  3. c A single segment of the backbone.
  4. d Supports organs in the abdomen and anchors the legs.
  5. e Thighbone; largest bone in the body helping to carry the weight of the body.

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  1. Bone in the upper arms.
  2. Shoulder Blade.
  3. Shinbone; links the knee to the foot.
  4. Connects arms to shoulders.
  5. Wrist bone.

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  1. PatellaKneecap.


  2. PhalangesCollarbone.


  3. SkullForms the face and protects the brain.


  4. CraniumAnother name for the skull.


  5. RadiusAnother name for the skull.


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