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  2. UNDER
  4. AMONG
  1. a _____ a few scratches, the car was in a good condition.
  2. b _____ her lack of patience, she is a good teacher.
  3. c Jesus divided the bread _____ his disciples.
  4. d I learned about his divorce _____ the newspaper.
  5. e The tunnel goes _____ the river.

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  1. The doctor will come in _____ an hour.
  2. The dog was lying asleep _____ the fire.
  3. The woman is holding a cup _____ her hands
  4. You will see a little house two miles _____ the river.
  5. I didn't get time to come and visit you _____ last Tuesday.

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  1. AHEAD OF_____ your book, I think it will become a bestseller.


  2. INI saw Bob in the street _____ yesterday.


  3. ONTOShe is sitting _____ a chair


  4. BEFOREI have worked _____ this company for many years.


  5. INHe was standing _____ the corner waiting for her.


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