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  1. What famous work is 1984 associated with?
  2. Who really wrote the manifesto that O'Brien gives to Winston?
  3. What is the name for the mass rally held every day?
  4. What causes Winston to collapse into tears in one of their conversations?
  5. The psychological principle that allows an individual to believe contradictory ideas at the same time is called what?
  1. a Doublethink
  2. b O'Brien
  3. c Two minutes hate
  4. d Brave New World
  5. e Winston pities his destroyed and feeble body

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  1. Forest
  2. Big Brother is watching you
  3. 2+2=5
  4. 2+2= 3,4, or 5?
  5. It gets shattered

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  1. What is facecrime?Wearing an improper expression on your face


  2. What are some members of the brotherhood slipped if they are captured?Saccharine flavored with cloves


  3. What is the last line of the St. Clement's Church song?Here comes a chopper to chop off your head


  4. All of the following are vaporized exceptParsons


  5. In what nation did Orwell work for the British Imperial Police?Burma


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