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  1. The caption on the Big Brother posters says
  2. Where do Winston and Julia make love for the first time?
  3. The psychological principle that allows an individual to believe contradictory ideas at the same time is called what?
  4. What does Winston trace in the dust on the table at the end of the novel?
  5. Winston commits thoughtcrime by writing which of the following in his diary?
  1. a Doublethink
  2. b 2+2=5
  3. c Down with Big Brother
  4. d Big Brother is watching you
  5. e Forest

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  1. Golden Country
  2. Brave New World
  3. Ministry of Love
  4. Burma
  5. Shakespeare

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  1. All of the following are vaporized exceptParsons


  2. What organization urges children to turn their parents over to the authorities?Junior Spies


  3. What happens to the glass paperweight?It gets shattered


  4. What project is Syme working on at the beginning of the novel?He loves Big Brother


  5. 1984 is typically classified as this genreChocolate


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