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  1. acute angle
  2. isosceles
  3. triangle
  4. dividend
  5. quadrilateral
  1. a a triangle with only two congruent sides
  2. b an angle that has a measure less than a right angle (less than 90 degrees)
  3. c a polygon with three sides and three angles
  4. d the number that is to be divided in a division problem
  5. e a polygon with four sides and four angles

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  1. a letter or symbol that stands for any number
  2. a part of a line that has two endpoints
  3. a way to write numbers by using digits
  4. to find an answer that is close to the exact answer
  5. the amount of matter in an object

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  1. decimal pointthe mark in a decimal number that separates the ones and the tenths place


  2. parallelograma graph in the shape of a circle that shows data as a whole made up of different parts


  3. capacitythe amount a container can hold when it is filled


  4. perpendicular linelines that never intersect


  5. analog clocka device for measuring time by moving hands around a circle for showing hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds


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