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  1. rhombus
  2. closed figure
  3. obtuse angle
  4. numerator
  5. denominator
  1. a an angle that has a measure greater than a right angle (greater than 90 degrees)
  2. b a shape that begins and ends at the same point
  3. c the part of a fraction that tells how many equal parts are in a whole
  4. d a parallelogram with four congruent sides and with opposite angles that are congruent
  5. e the part of a fraction that tells how many parts of the whole are being considered

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  1. a number that has only two factors: one and itself
  2. a polygon with five sides and five angles
  3. the answer to an addition problem
  4. a customary unit used for measuring length or distance (such as a ruler)
  5. a solid figure with a polygon base and triangular sides which meet at a single point

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  1. place valuethe value of a place, such as ones or tens, in a number


  2. congruentthe number, not including the remainder, that results from dividing


  3. two-dimensionalmeasured in three directions such as length, width, and height


  4. perimeterthe distance around a figure


  5. composite numberthe distance around a figure


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