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  1. line graph
  2. line segment
  3. trapezoid
  4. right angle
  5. rectangular prism
  1. a a graph that uses a line to show how data changes over a period
  2. b a solid figure in which all six faces are rectangles
  3. c a part of a line that has two endpoints
  4. d a quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides
  5. e an angle that forms a square corner and has a measure of 90 degrees

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  1. having the same value or naming the same amount
  2. a movement of a figure to a new position by rotating the figure around a point
  3. a graph in the shape of a circle that shows data as a whole made up of different parts
  4. the middle number in an ordered set of data
  5. the number, not including the remainder, that results from dividing

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  1. addenda number that is added to another in an addition problem


  2. arraythe figure formed by two line segments or rays that share the same endpoint


  3. right trianglean angle that forms a square corner and has a measure of 90 degrees


  4. areathe number of square units needed to cover a surface


  5. estimateto find an answer that is close to the exact answer


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