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  1. mixed number
  2. scalene triangle
  3. divisor
  4. line segment
  5. estimate
  1. a a part of a line that has two endpoints
  2. b an amount given as a whole number and a fraction
  3. c to find an answer that is close to the exact answer
  4. d the number that divides the dividend
  5. e a type of triangle with no congruent sides

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  1. a way to write numbers by using words
  2. a polygon that is a flat surface of solid figure
  3. the middle number in an ordered set of data
  4. measured in three directions such as length, width, and height
  5. a number that is multiplied by another number to find a product

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  1. meanthe middle number in an ordered set of data


  2. equivalentthe number that is to be divided in a division problem


  3. y-axisthe vertical line on a coordinate grid


  4. differencethe number of times a response occurs


  5. trianglea polygon with three sides and three angles


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