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  1. variable
  2. probability
  3. hexagon
  4. isosceles
  5. denominator
  1. a the likelihood that an event will happen
  2. b a triangle with only two congruent sides
  3. c the part of a fraction that tells how many equal parts are in a whole
  4. d a polygon with six sides and six angles
  5. e a letter or symbol that stands for any number

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  1. having the same value or naming the same amount
  2. each group of three digits in a number between commas
  3. a solid figure with a polygon base and triangular sides which meet at a single point
  4. the process of sharing a number of items to find how many groups can be made or how many items will be in a group; the opposite operation of multiplication
  5. the horizontal line on a coordinate grid

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  1. medianthe middle number in an ordered set of data


  2. massthe number or item that occurs most often in a set of data


  3. addendthe line made where two or more faces of a solid figure meet


  4. equilateral trianglea triangle that has one right angle


  5. parallel lineslines that never intersect


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