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  1. pictograph
  2. fraction
  3. octagon
  4. closed figure
  5. equivalent fractions
  1. a a shape that begins and ends at the same point
  2. b a number that names part of a whole
  3. c a polygon with eight sides and eight angles
  4. d two or more fractions that name the same amount
  5. e a graph that uses pictures to show and compare information

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  1. a way to write numbers by showing the value of each digit
  2. the part of a fraction that tells how many equal parts are in a whole
  3. a number that is multiplied by another number to find a product
  4. a line with equally spaced tick marks named by numbers (a number line does not always start at 0)
  5. a movement of a figure to a new position by flipping the figure over a line

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  1. divisionthe process of sharing a number of items to find how many groups can be made or how many items will be in a group; the opposite operation of multiplication


  2. line plota graph that uses a line to show how data changes over a period


  3. prime numbera number that has only two factors: one and itself


  4. line grapha graph that uses a line to show how data changes over a period


  5. frequency tablea table that uses numbers to record data about how often something happens


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