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  1. Net Corporation files a suit against Omega, Inc., alleging that Omega breached a contract to sell Net a computer system for $100,000. Net is

    a. the appellant.
    b. the appellee.
    c. the defendant.
    d. the plaintiff.
  2. The state governments retain all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government.
  3. Jim files a suit against Kay. Before going to trial, the parties meet, with their attorneys to represent them, to present their dispute to a third party who is not a judge but who renders a legally binding decision. This is

    a. arbitration.
    b. litigation.
    c. mediation.
    d. negotiation.
  1. a TRUE
  2. b D
  3. c A

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  1. D
  2. D
  3. FALSE
  4. C
  5. D

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  1. Common law is a term for the law that is known to most of us.FALSE


  2. Ilsa files a suit against Jack. The document that sets out the ground for the court's jurisdiction, the basis of Ilsa's case, and the relief that Ilsa seeks is

    a. the answer.
    b. the complaint.
    c. the service of process.
    d. the summons.


  3. Law includes enforceable rules governing relationships between individuals and their society.TRUE


  4. The First Amendment protects symbolic speech.FALSE


  5. A written defamatory statement must be communicated to a third party to be actionable.FALSE


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