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  1. Dale hears Ed falsely accuse Flo of stealing from Great Warehouse, Inc., their employer. Ed's statement is defamatory

    a. because Dale heard it.
    b. only if Ed made the statement loudly.
    c. only if Ed's statement is also published in the Dispatch, a local paper.
    d. only if Flo suffers emotional distress.
  2. Beth is a victim of Carl's violation of a criminal law. Criminal law is conĀ¬cerned with
    a. the prosecution of private individuals by other private individuals.
    b. the prosecution of public officials by private individuals.
    c. the relief available when a person's rights are violated.
    d. wrongs committed against the public as a whole.
  3. Dian, a U.S. citizen, is the owner of Eagle, Inc. The Bill of Rights embodĀ¬ies a series of protections for Dian against various types of interference by

    a. business entities only.
    b. private individuals only.
    c. the government only.
    d. business entities, private individuals, and the government.
  4. A federal form of government is one in which sovereign power is vested entirely in a central governing authority.
  1. a A
  2. b C
  3. c D
  4. d FALSE

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  2. FALSE
  3. TRUE
  4. TRUE
  5. TRUE

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  1. In a suit against Kathy, Lon obtains specific performance. This is

    a. an equitable remedy and a remedy at law.
    b. an equitable remedy only.
    c. a remedy at law only.
    d. not a remedy.


  2. Tom files a suit against the state of Utah, claiming that a Utah state law violates the commerce clause. The court will agree if the statute

    a. imposes a substantial burden on interstate commerce.
    b. promotes the public order, health, safety, morals, or general welfare.
    c. regulates activities within Utah's borders.
    d. regulates private activities.


  3. Ann believes that Burt is about to hit her. To prevent harmful contact in this situation, Ann may use

    a. any force.
    b. any force, except force that is likely to cause death.
    c. force that is reasonably necessary.
    d. no force.


  4. A person may commit an intentional tort if he or she acts knowing with substantial certainty that certain consequences will result.FALSE


  5. Acme Computers, a computer store, takes unethical steps to divert the customers of Cyber Goods, an adjacent competing store. Acme may be liable for

    a. appropriation.
    b. wrongful interference with a business relationship.
    c. wrongful interference with a contractual relationship.
    d. none of the above.


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