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  1. A long arm statute permits a court to exercise jurisdiction over an out-of-state defendant.
  2. Common law is a term for the law that is known to most of us.
  3. Dian, a U.S. citizen, is the owner of Eagle, Inc. The Bill of Rights embod¬ies a series of protections for Dian against various types of interference by

    a. business entities only.
    b. private individuals only.
    c. the government only.
    d. business entities, private individuals, and the government.
  1. a FALSE
  2. b C
  3. c TRUE

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  2. ...
  3. TRUE
  4. TRUE
  5. D

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  1. Jill is an appellate court judge. In this capacity, Jill establishes a rule of law. Under the doctrine of stare decisis, the principle must be adhered to by

    a. all courts.
    b. courts of lower rank only.
    c. that court and courts of lower rank.
    d. that court only.


  2. Leo, a resident of Missouri, owns a warehouse in Nebraska. A dispute arises over the ownership of the warehouse with Opal, a resident of Kansas. Opal files a suit against Leo in Nebraska. Regarding this suit, Nebraska has
    a. diversity jurisdiction.
    b. in personam jurisdiction.
    c. in rem jurisdiction.
    d. no jurisdiction.


  3. Best Sales Corporation regularly advertises its products. Under the First Amendment, these ads and other commercial speech are given

    a. less protection than noncommercial speech.
    b. more protection than noncommercial speech.
    c. no protection.
    d. the same protection as noncommercial speech.


  4. The United States Supreme Court can review a decision by a state's high¬est court only if a question of federal law is involved.FALSE


  5. To have standing to sue, a party must have been harmed or have been threatened with harm by the action about which he or she complains.TRUE


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