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  1. unit rule
  2. referendum
  3. closed primary
  4. elector
  5. Run-off Primary
  1. a approving a legislative action at the polls
  2. b primary available only to single party
  3. c representative who actually decides presidential race
  4. d a second primary where candidates receiving the most votes in the first primary compete for the office
  5. e majority of delegates overwhelm the minority

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  1. a command from the voters
  2. number of people who vote on election day
  3. early election to sift through possible candidates
  4. the November election of even years
  5. influencing another party's primary vote

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  1. party realignmentrearrangement of coalitions due to political shifts


  2. secular realignmentrearrangement of coaltions due to demographic shifts


  3. electoratethe entire voting public


  4. initiativeballot measure originated by voters


  5. Electoral Collegethe entire voting public


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