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  1. general election
  2. Run-off Primary
  3. primary election
  4. referendum
  5. Superdelegate
  1. a approving a legislative action at the polls
  2. b elected official invited to convention
  3. c the November election of even years
  4. d early election to sift through possible candidates
  5. e a second primary where candidates receiving the most votes in the first primary compete for the office

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  1. ballot measure originated by voters
  2. rearrangement of coaltions due to demographic shifts
  3. voter's judgment of party's performance
  4. setting an earlier state primary
  5. a command from the voters

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  1. ticket-splittingsetting an earlier state primary


  2. closed primaryprimary available to all voters


  3. gerrymanderingrealigning districts for party control


  4. party realignmentrearrangement of coalitions due to political shifts


  5. midterm electionelection in the middle of presidential term


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