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  1. secular realignment
  2. nonpartisan primary
  3. prospective judgment
  4. Electoral College
  5. Run-off Primary
  1. a rearrangement of coaltions due to demographic shifts
  2. b representatives from each state who cast the final ballots that actually elect a president
  3. c votes based on candidate's promises
  4. d a second primary where candidates receiving the most votes in the first primary compete for the office
  5. e contest without party declaration

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  1. realigning districts for party control
  2. the November election of even years
  3. voting for the opposite party
  4. to vote for candidates of different parties
  5. approving a legislative action at the polls

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  1. party realignmentrearrangement of coalitions due to political shifts


  2. raidinginfluencing another party's primary vote


  3. midterm electionearly election to sift through possible candidates


  4. front-loadinginfluencing another party's primary vote


  5. primary electionelection in the middle of presidential term


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