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AP13 Voting Test

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  1. closed primary
  2. referendum
  3. electorate
  4. raiding
  5. elector
  1. a influencing another party's primary vote
  2. b representative who actually decides presidential race
  3. c primary available only to single party
  4. d approving a legislative action at the polls
  5. e the entire voting public

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. to vote for candidates of different parties
  2. number of people who vote on election day
  3. votes based on candidate's promises
  4. primary available to all voters
  5. rearrangement of coaltions due to demographic shifts

5 True/False Questions

  1. midterm electionthe November election of even years


  2. Superdelegatethe entire voting public


  3. front-loadingsetting an earlier state primary


  4. primary electionelection signaling party realignment


  5. initiativeballot measure originated by voters


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