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  1. electorate
  2. general election
  3. Regional Primary
  4. nonpartisan primary
  5. initiative
  1. a the entire voting public
  2. b proposed change where states would be divided into regions and would all hold their primaries on the same day
  3. c the November election of even years
  4. d contest without party declaration
  5. e ballot measure originated by voters

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  1. representatives from each state who cast the final ballots that actually elect a president
  2. elected official invited to convention
  3. to vote for candidates of different parties
  4. setting an earlier state primary
  5. rearrangement of coalitions due to political shifts

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  1. secular realignmentrearrangement of coalitions due to political shifts


  2. raidinginfluencing another party's primary vote


  3. turnoutnumber of people who vote on election day


  4. Run-off Primarya second primary where candidates receiving the most votes in the first primary compete for the office


  5. closed primaryprimary available only to single party


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