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  1. Regional Primary
  2. closed primary
  3. electorate
  4. secular realignment
  5. crossover voting
  1. a rearrangement of coaltions due to demographic shifts
  2. b the entire voting public
  3. c proposed change where states would be divided into regions and would all hold their primaries on the same day
  4. d primary available only to single party
  5. e voting for the opposite party

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  1. election signaling party realignment
  2. early election to sift through possible candidates
  3. rearrangement of coalitions due to political shifts
  4. number of people who vote on election day
  5. representatives from each state who cast the final ballots that actually elect a president

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  1. mandatea command from the voters


  2. referendumapproving a legislative action at the polls


  3. gerrymanderingrealigning districts for party control


  4. retrospective judgmentvotes based on candidate's promises


  5. initiativemajority of delegates overwhelm the minority


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