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  1. Synarthrosis
  2. abduction
  3. Amphiarthrosis
  4. depression
  5. second- class lever
  1. a The resistance is between the axis and the force
  2. b scapula moving down
  3. c An immovable joint
  4. d movement away from the midline
  5. e A slightly moveable joint

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  1. toes down, heel up
  2. ilium
  3. Bone forming cell
  4. heels down pulling the top of foot toward the tibia
  5. pouch

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  1. -tionStructural unit of a bone: haversian system


  2. radial deviationdeviating the hand toward the thumb side


  3. eversionsole of the foot moves toward the midline


  4. supination- footforefoot is everted, rear foot is inverted


  5. -clast-to form, sprout


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