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  1. medial rotation aka internal rotation
  2. -fic-
  3. eversion
  4. Amphiarthrosis
  5. abduction
  1. a movement around the central axis toward the midline
  2. b sole of the foot moves away from the midline
  3. c make
  4. d movement away from the midline
  5. e A slightly moveable joint

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  1. making
  2. circular movement at a ball and socket joint that created a cone shape: its a combination of adduction, abduction, medial and lateral rotation, flexion and rotation
  3. Method of bone formation in which the cartilage is replaced by bone
  4. heels down pulling the top of foot toward the tibia
  5. deviating the hand toward the thumb side

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  1. -tionmake


  2. protractionmovement of the scapula away from the midline


  3. sphen-wedge


  4. sacr-sacrum


  5. appendicul-little cup


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