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  1. extension
  2. sphen-
  3. -poie-
  4. acetabul-
  5. downward rotation
  1. a little cup
  2. b making
  3. c wedge
  4. d Increasing the angle of a joint
  5. e movement of the scapula so that the glenoid fossa faces down

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  1. An immovable joint
  2. Cell that destroys or resorbs bone tissue
  3. pouch
  4. sole of the foot moves toward the midline
  5. stiff, crooked

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  1. sacr-sacrum


  2. Intramembranous ossificationdeviating the hand toward the pinky


  3. myel-spinal cord, bone marrow


  4. syn-together


  5. OsteonStructural unit of a bone: haversian system


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