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  1. dorsiflexion
  2. depression
  3. ili-
  4. cost-
  5. pronation- foot
  1. a rib
  2. b forefoot is inverted, rear foot is everted
  3. c heels down pulling the top of foot toward the tibia
  4. d scapula moving down
  5. e ilium

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  1. little attachment
  2. Cell that destroys or resorbs bone tissue
  3. Mature bone cell
  4. deviating the hand toward the pinky
  5. beak

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  1. first- class leverThe force is between the axis and the resistance


  2. OsteoblastCell that destroys or resorbs bone tissue


  3. DiarthrosisA freely moveable joint


  4. OsteonStructural unit of a bone: haversian system


  5. inversionsole of the foot moves toward the midline


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