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  1. Coercion
  2. Rudimentary
  3. Hoi Polloi
  4. Languish
  5. Permeate
  1. a the common people; the masses
  2. b to fade; weaken; decay
  3. c imbue; soak through
  4. d use of force to get someone to obey
  5. e basic, elementary

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  1. distinguished; especially in military
  2. to lessen pain
  3. emotionally hardened, unfeeling
  4. Relentless
  5. a state of deep-seated ill-will

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  1. Mountebankconvincing, having the power to influence or convince


  2. Rapaciouscan't be satisfied, greedy


  3. Celerityuse of force to get someone to obey


  4. Lethargyfatigue


  5. Prescientperceiving the significance of events before they occur; clairvoyance


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