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  1. Prescient
  2. Mountebank
  3. Coalition
  4. Arbitrary
  5. Impetuous
  1. a A swindler; a charlatan; a trickster
  2. b perceiving the significance of events before they occur; clairvoyance
  3. c impulsive
  4. d alliance
  5. e random; based on a whim

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  1. lying down
  2. emotionally hardened, unfeeling
  3. lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
  4. to spread or promote an idea
  5. swiftness, rapidity of motion or action

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  1. Interdictprohibit; forbid


  2. Cogenttype or catagory


  3. Banesudden flood


  4. Fecundfertile


  5. Obsequiousfragile, having little substance or significance


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