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  1. verb + tan + adverb + como
  2. Tu eres mas bonita que ella.
  3. Mario es el menos guapo.
  4. Holly habla tan humildemente como Jason.
  5. mayor
  1. a Holly talks as humbly as Jason does.
  2. b ___ as ___ as
  3. c greater, older
  4. d Mario is the least handsome.
  5. e You are prettier than she is.

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  1. Regolio is the kindest person in the whole family.
  2. a very difficult job
  3. more ___ than
  4. an extremely delicious cake
  5. They walk less than I do.

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  1. un arbol altisimoan extremely delicious cake


  2. tanto + noun + como___ as much as


  3. Tim come tanto como Dave.Tim eats as much as Dave does.


  4. Nosotros tenemos tantos zapatos como ellos.Tim eats as much as Dave does.


  5. Charlotte es tan inteligente como Anthony.Holly talks as humbly as Jason does.


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