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  1. isometric contraction
  2. cramp
  3. actin
  4. striations
  5. all-or-none response
  1. a thin filaments are made of __.
  2. b When a muscle fiber contracts, it contracts to its full extent
  3. c Muscle contracts but doesn't shorten, no movement/work, only tension
  4. d the organization of thick and thin filaments produces __.
  5. e a sustained involuntary contraction caused by extracellular fluid

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  1. 3 types of muscle in the body
  2. Muscles are connected by broad sheets of connective tissue called __.
  3. in the center of a bands is a _ _, consisting only of thick filaments
  4. opposing muscles
  5. __ and __ are 2 proteins associated with the surface of actin filaments

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  1. insertionthe movable end of a muscle


  2. lactic acid__ is a globular protein with myosin bonding sites


  3. originthin filaments are made of __.


  4. threshold stimulusinvaginations of the sarcolemma


  5. myosinthin filaments are made of __.


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