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  1. periosteum
  2. origin
  3. sarcoplasmic reticulum
  4. ATP
  5. threshold stimulus
  1. a the endoplasmic reticulum of the muscle fiber
  2. b the immovable end of a muscle
  3. c Tendons are fused to the __ of the bone.
  4. d energy source for contraction comes from molecules of:
  5. e A muscle fiber remains unresponsive to stimulation unless the stimulation is of a certain strength

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  1. __ consists of 2 twisted strands with globular cross-bridges projected outwards along the strands
  2. __ covers each muscle cell fiber.
  3. __ lays beneath the sarcolemma
  4. __ surrounds individual fascicles within muscles.
  5. besides sarcoplasm, __ __ lies beneath the sarcolemma

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  1. skeletal, cardiac, smooththe cell cytoplasm of the muscle fiber


  2. Mitochondria, synaptic vesiclesThe cytoplasm of the motor neuron contains __ & __ __


  3. twitchthe immovable end of a muscle


  4. actin__ is a globular protein with myosin bonding sites


  5. cisternaetransverse tubules lie between two __.


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