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  1. aerobic respiration
  2. fascia
  3. aponeuroses
  4. sarcoplasmic reticulum
  5. oxygen debt
  1. a Broad fibrous connective tissue sheets found in cranium & obliques
  2. b Amount of oxygen that liver cells require to convert lactic acid to glucose, & amount that muscle cells need to resynthesize ATP & creatine phosphate
  3. c Layers of connective tissue that hold muscle in position; Separate 1 muscle from another & projects to form tendon
  4. d During rest/light activity, there's enough oxygen to support:
  5. e besides sarcoplasm, __ __ lies beneath the sarcolemma

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  1. ___ in red blood cells carries oxygen to muscles
  2. The site where motor neuron & muscle fiber meet
  3. __ surrounds individual fascicles within muscles.
  4. __ lays beneath the sarcolemma
  5. the muscle fiber membrane forms a:

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  1. motor end platearea in which sarcolemma is tightly folded; nuclei & mitochondria = abundant


  2. fasciasurround/separate each muscle


  3. tropomyosin, tropinin__ consists of 2 twisted strands with globular cross-bridges projected outwards along the strands


  4. transverse tubuleshelper muscles


  5. threshold stimulusinvaginations of the sarcolemma


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