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  1. transverse tubules
  2. endomysium
  3. neuromuscular junction
  4. actin
  5. sarcoplasm
  1. a thin filaments are made of __.
  2. b The site where motor neuron & muscle fiber meet
  3. c Thin layer that covers each muscle fiber
  4. d invaginations of the sarcolemma
  5. e the cell cytoplasm of the muscle fiber

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  1. energy source for contraction comes from molecules of:
  2. __ stores oxygen in muscle tissue.
  3. the organization of thick and thin filaments produces __.
  4. An increase in the # of activated motor units within a muscle at higher intensities of stimulation
  5. __ __has different uses out of muscle cells & is carried to the liver via bloodstream

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  1. actinenergy source for contraction comes from molecules of:


  2. tone (tonus)Muscle __ is achieved by a continuous state of sustained contraction


  3. creatine phosphokinase__ __ stores excess energy released by the mitochondria & regenerates ATP


  4. myosin__ consists of 2 twisted strands with globular cross-bridges projected outwards along the strands


  5. intercalated disksComplex membrane junctions, ___, join cells & transmit the force of contraction from 1 cell to the next & aid in rapid transmission impulses of the heart


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