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  1. myogram
  2. lactic acid
  3. A
  4. motor end plate
  5. all-or-none response
  1. a area in which sarcolemma is tightly folded; nuclei & mitochondria = abundant
  2. b When a muscle fiber contracts, it contracts to its full extent
  3. c _ bands are made of thick & thin filaments
  4. d The recording of an electrically stimulated muscle contraction
  5. e __ __has different uses out of muscle cells & is carried to the liver via bloodstream

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  1. __ is the layer of connective tissue closely around each muscle.
  2. in the center of a bands is a _ _, consisting only of thick filaments
  3. I bands are thick filaments and are anchored to _ _.
  4. Complex membrane junctions, ___, join cells & transmit the force of contraction from 1 cell to the next & aid in rapid transmission impulses of the heart
  5. Layer of connective tissue that surrounds entire muscle

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  1. muscle fatigueorgans that use chemical energy to contract


  2. neurotransmittersAn increase in the # of activated motor units within a muscle at higher intensities of stimulation


  3. tendonsin the center of a bands is a _ _, consisting only of thick filaments


  4. fasciasurround/separate each muscle


  5. aponeuroseshelper muscles


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