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  1. myosin
  2. prime mover
  3. hemoglobin
  4. lactic acid
  1. a __ __ accumulates as an end product of anaerobic respiration
  2. b thick filaments are made of __.
  3. c ___ in red blood cells carries oxygen to muscles
  4. d Within a group of muscles, 1 muscle doing the most work is

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  1. Muscles are connected by broad sheets of connective tissue called __.
  2. If the sustained contraction lacks any relaxation, its called:
  3. An increase in the # of activated motor units within a muscle at higher intensities of stimulation
  4. Connective tissue extends beyond ends of muscle to create __.
  5. myofibrils play a fundamental role in __ ___.

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  1. motor end platethe muscle fiber membrane forms a:


  2. sarcoplasmthe cell membrane of a muscle fiber


  3. all-or-none responseMuscles are connected by broad sheets of connective tissue called __.


  4. transverse tubulesinvaginations of the sarcolemma


  5. crampa sustained involuntary contraction caused by extracellular fluid


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