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  1. h zone
  2. z lines
  3. summation
  4. muscles
  5. tone (tonus)
  1. a I bands are thick filaments and are anchored to _ _.
  2. b in the center of a bands is a _ _, consisting only of thick filaments
  3. c A series of simple twitches add up to a contraction
  4. d organs that use chemical energy to contract
  5. e Muscle __ is achieved by a continuous state of sustained contraction

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  1. Single, short contraction involving only a few motor units
  2. __ is a globular protein with myosin bonding sites
  3. __ lays beneath the sarcolemma
  4. the movable end of a muscle
  5. Connective tissue extends beyond ends of muscle to create __.

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  1. lactic acidthin filaments are made of __.


  2. aponeurosesBroad fibrous connective tissue sheets found in cranium & obliques


  3. sarcolemmaFunctional unit of a muscle cell; repeating units composed of myofibrils


  4. sarcoplasmic reticulumbesides sarcoplasm, __ __ lies beneath the sarcolemma


  5. sarcomerethe cell membrane of a muscle fiber


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