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  1. prime mover
  2. all-or-none response
  3. h zone
  4. intercalated disks
  5. sarcoplasm
  1. a Complex membrane junctions, ___, join cells & transmit the force of contraction from 1 cell to the next & aid in rapid transmission impulses of the heart
  2. b __ lays beneath the sarcolemma
  3. c in the center of a bands is a _ _, consisting only of thick filaments
  4. d Within a group of muscles, 1 muscle doing the most work is
  5. e When a muscle fiber contracts, it contracts to its full extent

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  1. transverse tubules lie between two __.
  2. An increase in the # of activated motor units within a muscle at higher intensities of stimulation
  3. When ATP supply is low, __ __ promotes the synthesis of creatine phosphate
  4. besides sarcoplasm, __ __ lies beneath the sarcolemma
  5. Connective tissue extends beyond ends of muscle to create __.

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  1. transverse tubulesA muscle fiber remains unresponsive to stimulation unless the stimulation is of a certain strength


  2. z linesI bands are thick filaments and are anchored to _ _.


  3. neuromuscular junctionThe site where motor neuron & muscle fiber meet


  4. striationsA series of simple twitches add up to a contraction


  5. perimysium__ is the layer of connective tissue closely around each muscle.


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