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  1. um'brage
  2. adventit'ous
  3. expos'tulate
  4. hia'tus
  5. strin'gent
  1. a resulting from chance rather than from an inherent cause or character; accidental, not essential, (medicine) acquired, not congenital
  2. b a gap, opening, break (in the sense of having an element missing)
  3. c to attempt to dissuade someone from some course or decision by earnest reasoning
  4. d strict, severe; rigorously or urgently binding of compelling; sharp or bitter to the taste
  5. e shade cast by trees; foliage giving shade; an overshadowing influence or power; offense, resentment, a vague suspicion

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  1. a period of one thousand years; a period of great joy
  2. to make amends, make up for; to avert
  3. by virtue of holding a certain office
  4. existing in name only, not real; too small to be considered or taken seriously
  5. the modification of the social patterns, traits, or structures of one group or society by contact with those of another; the resultant blend

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  1. infringe'to make a violent attack in words, express strong disapproval


  2. in'terloperone who moves in where he or she is not wanted or has no right to be, an intruder


  3. ingra'tiateto spread through, penetrate, soak through


  4. call'owwithout experience; immature, not fully developed; lacking sophistication and poise; without feathers


  5. nomcommitt'alnot decisive or definite; unwilling to take a clear position or to say yes or no


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