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  1. Salivary Gland
  2. Cuspids (Canine)
  3. Features of the Mouth
  4. Parotid Gland
  5. Serous
  1. a Exocrine glands, Secretions: Mucous, Serous
  2. b Vestibule, Oral Cavity, Hard Plate, Soft Plate; Uvula, Tongue, Stratified Squamous Epithelium
  3. c Watery, contains alpha amylase, parasympathetic stimulation
  4. d Tearing, 1
  5. e Secretes serous, duct by upper 2nd molar

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  1. Space between the lips and the teeth
  2. Enamel, Dentine, Pulp Cavity, Root, Crown, Gingiva, Alveolar Process, Root Canal, Periodontal Ligament, Cementum
  3. Ingestion, Peristalsis, Digestion mechanical, chewing, Absorption of nutrients, and Defecation of waste
  4. Mostly mucous and serous, multiple ducts at Lateral base of tongue
  5. Rough of mouth

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  1. Intrinsic Musclesoutside of tongue and moves into it


  2. IncisorsThick and sticky, sympathetic stimulation


  3. How many Permanent TeethA total of 20


  4. Oral CavityGrinding, 3


  5. MucousThick and sticky, sympathetic stimulation


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