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  1. Cuspids (Canine)
  2. Soft Plate
  3. Deciduous Teeth
  4. Serous
  5. Types of Salivary Glands
  1. a Parotid Gland, Submadibular gland, Sublingual Gland
  2. b Incisor (2), Cuspid (1), Molar (2)
  3. c Tearing, 1
  4. d Forms a muscular arch, which extends posteriorly and downward as cone shape projection called the Uvula
  5. e Watery, contains alpha amylase, parasympathetic stimulation

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  1. Total of 32
  2. Vestibule, Oral Cavity, Hard Plate, Soft Plate; Uvula, Tongue, Stratified Squamous Epithelium
  3. Grinding, 2
  4. Exocrine glands, Secretions: Mucous, Serous
  5. outside of tongue and moves into it

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  1. Function of PharynxCommon place for air and food


  2. Location of PharynxCommon place for air and food


  3. Hard PlateRough of mouth


  4. Total # of Deciduous TeethA total of 20


  5. VestibuleSpace between the lips and the teeth


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