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  1. What is Long-Term Memory LTM?
  2. What is the serial positioning effect?
  3. What is cue-dependent forgetting (or remembering)?
  4. Axon
  5. What is a positive correlation?
  1. a The memory used for relatively permanent storage of meaningful information
  2. b Fiber that carries info away from the cell body of a neuron
  3. c statistical relationship in which both move together
  4. d The tendency to make the most errors in remembering the middle items of an ordered list
  5. e "Tip of your tongue" a stimulus associated with a particular memory. Memory cues usually enhance retrieval

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  1. Early maturing boys is generally beneficial enhances self image, better at sports and socially, they tend to be more relaxed, dominant, self assured, and popular.
    Early maturing girls are usually less popular, and have poorer self image, more likely to engage in early sex
  2. To supply or reproduce memorized information with a minimum of external cues.
  3. Select job applicants, improve work environments & work relations
  4. Thought that is self centered and fails to consider viewpoints of others. Someone standing in front of you while you are watching TV.
  5. Congenital - Birth defects caused from environmental problems/issues with mother such as drinking alcohol.
    Genetic disorders are inherited from parents ex. Sickle-cell anemia, muscular dystrophy.

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  1. What is the cerebral cortex?The outer layer of the cerebrum


  2. What is a representative heuristic?A tendency to select wrong answers because that seem to match the pre-existing mental categories.


  3. Presynapticreceive messages from other neurons and sends out messages of its own down a thin fiber called the axon


  4. What is suppression of memory?A mental image or visual representation


  5. What percentage of the population is considered mentally gifted (IQ = 130+)?2%


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