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  1. What is Working Memory?
  2. Please be able to recognize or provide examples of overt and covert behaviors that are studied by psychologists.
  3. What is the serial positioning effect?
  4. What is Short-Term Memory (STM)?
  5. What are some of the limitations of STM?
  1. a The memory system used to hold small amounts of information in our conscious awareness for about 12 seconds
  2. b Information quickly dumped, very sensitive to interruption or interference
  3. c Another name for short term memory, especially as it is used for thinking and problem solving
  4. d The tendency to make the most errors in remembering the middle items of an ordered list
  5. e Guy shoots someone and why a guy shoots someone(his thinking and reasoning)

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  1. A predication that prompts people to act in ways that make the prediction come true
  2. Repression is unconsciously done; suppression is choosing not to think about an event.
  3. The existence or nonexistence of a relationship between the independent and dependant variables.
  4. Nurture = environment the sum of all external conditions that affect a person, including especially the effects of learning.
    Nature = Heredity the transmission of physical and psychological characteristics from parents to offspring through genes
  5. Maintenance = repeating a telephone number
    Elaborative = asking "why" questions connecting things with other information

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  1. What is chronological age?A person's age in years


  2. What is Piaget's Formal Operations stage of cognitive development?Stage of intellectual development during which sensory input and motor responses become independent.


  3. Myelin sheathmaterial that forms a layer, around only the axon of a neuron. The main purpose of a myelin layer (or sheath) is to increase the speed at which impulses propagate along


  4. What is the difference between an excitatory and an inhibitory neurotransmitter?Chemical carrying communication between nerves: a chemical that carries messages between different nerve cells e.g. to trigger or prevent an impulse in the receiving cell. Inhibitory neurotransmitters act to prevent further transmission of an impulse.


  5. Why are they often inefficient for humans to use?Humans are slower then computers


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