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  1. What is functional fixedness?
  2. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of anterograde amnesia.
  3. What is the serial positioning effect?
  4. Preconventional Moral Reasoning
  5. What is a theory?
  1. a Every time they hear something they didn't before the damage was done it will be new to them.
  2. b Moral thinking based on the consequences of one's choices or actions (punishment, reward, or an exchange of favors) "the man shouldn't steal the drug because he could get caught and sent to jail"
  3. c System of ideas designed to interrelate concepts and facts a way that summarizes existing data and predicts future observations
  4. d The tendency to make the most errors in remembering the middle items of an ordered list
  5. e rigidity in problem solving caused by an inability to see new uses for familiar objects. Ex Tacks/candle problem

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  1. Social Ability psychologist, teacher, politician
  2. Look like tree roots, receive messages from other neurons
  3. Any strategy or technique that aids problem solving especially by limiting the number of possible solutions to be tried.
  4. Verbatim or word for word
  5. To supply or reproduce memorized information with a minimum of external cues.

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  1. Axon terminalsPictorial ability, engineer, inventor, artist


  2. How many pairs?23


  3. What is selective attention?Form of critical thinking based on careful measurement and controlled observation.


  4. What percentage of cases of mild retardation are believed to be caused by familial intellectual disabilities?30-40%


  5. Please be able to recognize or provide and example of conservation.A traumatic childhood experience, or a rape


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