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  1. What is a negative correlation?
  2. What is chronological age?
  3. What is Piaget's Formal Operations stage of cognitive development?
  4. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of suppression.
  5. What is a heuristic?
  1. a A statistical relationship in which move in opposite directions together
  2. b A person's age in years
  3. c Period of intellectual development characterized by thinking that included abstract, theoretical, and hypothetical
  4. d Any strategy or technique that aids problem solving especially by limiting the number of possible solutions to be tried.
  5. e Trying to forget a test that you failed

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  1. Nonverbal, Perceptual skills, visualization, Recognition of patterns and faces, and melodies, recognition of expression of emotion, spatial skills, simple language comprehension.
  2. Parents who enforce rigid rules and demand strict obedience to authority. Children have few rights but adult-like responsibilities. Children are usually obedient and self controlled, emotionally stiff, withdrawn, apprehensive, and lacking curiosity. "Do it because I said so"
  3. A predication that prompts people to act in ways that make the prediction come true
  4. Pay attention only to relevant information, ignore all other information and distractions, helps to solve problems
  5. "mental scratchpad" briefly hold information when we are solving math problems, doing a puzzle, plan a meal or read a book, or follow directions

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  1. How is repression different from suppression?Repression is unconsciously done; suppression is choosing not to think about an event.


  2. What are experimental subjects?Adopted kids in a house with parents and their biologically kids. Study do adopted kids IQ more closely resemble adopted parents or biological parents.


  3. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of independent and dependant variables.Not being able to recognize the correct penny,


  4. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of encoding failure.Trying to forget a test that you failed


  5. interpersonal.Social Ability psychologist, teacher, politician


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