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  1. What is Piaget's Concrete Operational stage of cognitive development?
  2. What is repression?
  3. What are experimental subjects?
  4. What is corticalization?
  5. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of solving a problem by mechanical means.
  1. a An increase in the relative size of the cerebral cortex
  2. b Unconsciously pushing unwanted memories out of awareness.
  3. c Cracking a combination lock by trying all the possible number combinations
  4. d Period of intellectual development during which children became able to use the concepts of time, space, volume, and number, but in ways that remain simplified and concrete rather than abstract.
  5. e Humans ( also referred to as subjects or participants) or animals whose behavior is investigated by an experimenter

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  1. A statistical relationship in which move in opposite directions together
  2. Sympathetic - "emergency" system. Prepares body for "fight or flight" It basically arouses the body
    parasympathetic - Quiets the body. Returns it to a lower level of arousal.
  3. It can prolong a STM by silently repeating information
  4. Rats were split into 3 separate cages. 1 kept in normal conditions. 1 in a deprived environment in dark, no toys, 1 in an environment where the toys were always changing facilitating learning and exploration. At the End the stimulated rat's brain weighed more then the other 2.
  5. A math problem

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  1. How is consolidation believed to be involved with retrograde amnesia?Nonverbal, taste, touch, smell


  2. What is Piaget's Formal Operations stage of cognitive development?Period of intellectual development characterized by thinking that included abstract, theoretical, and hypothetical


  3. What is the difference between identical and fraternal twins?Chemical carrying communication between nerves: a chemical that carries messages between different nerve cells e.g. to trigger or prevent an impulse in the receiving cell. Inhibitory neurotransmitters act to prevent further transmission of an impulse.


  4. What is insight?Neurotransmitters are packaged into synaptic vesicles that cluster beneath the membrane on the presynaptic side of a synapse


  5. What is suppression of memory?A brief continuation of sensory activity in the auditory system after a sound is heard.


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