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  1. What is Psychology?
  2. Postsynaptic Neurons
  3. What other factors are necessary for an intellectually gifted child to succeed?
  4. How is damage to the hippocampus related to anterograde amnesia?
  5. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of a representative heuristic.
  1. a Scientific study of behavior and mental process
  2. b Courtroom, a jury is more likely to think a defendant is guilty if the person appears to fit the profile of someone who would commit that crime.
  3. c If the hippocampus is damaged, one may not be able to form long term memories, so every time they hear something they didn't before the damage was done it will be new to them.
  4. d Motivation, special talents, off campus learning, creativity, a nurturing envirorment
  5. e in a synapse, of or pertaining to the neuron that bears receptors for neurotransmitter released into the synaptic cleft by the presynaptic neuron.

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  1. Yes
  2. Poor community, rural areas, ethnic minority
  3. Somatic - The system of nerves linking the spinal cord with the body and sense organs
    Auto - The system of nerves linking carrying info to and from the internal organs and glands
  4. Any substance capable of altering fetal development in non heritable ways that cause birth defects ex radiation, drugs
  5. Adopted kids in a house with parents and their biologically kids. Study do adopted kids IQ more closely resemble adopted parents or biological parents.

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  1. NeurotransmittersSystem of ideas designed to interrelate concepts and facts a way that summarizes existing data and predicts future observations


  2. How can an extraneous variable negatively affect an experiment?Pay attention only to relevant information, ignore all other information and distractions, helps to solve problems


  3. What is Piaget's Preoperational stage of cognitive development?The tendency to make the most errors in remembering the middle items of an ordered list


  4. What is a deprived environment?In development, the loss or withholding or normal stimulation, nutrition, comfort, love, and so forth: a condition of lacking.


  5. What is intuition?Process by which relatively permanent memories are formed in the brain.


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