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  1. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  2. Axon terminals
  3. Please be able to recognize or provide an example of cue-dependent-forgetting (or remembering).
  4. What percentage of the population is considered mentally gifted (IQ = 130+)?
  5. How many pairs?
  1. a 23
  2. b What were you doing the 2nd day of may last year, The day the Court House Burned Down
  3. c Branching fibers at the end of an Axon. Link up with dendrites and somas of other neurons. Allows info to pass from neuron to neuron.
  4. d 2%
  5. e Select job applicants, improve work environments & work relations

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  1. Closest to +1 or -1
  2. moral development = the development of values, beliefs, and thinking abilities that act as a guide regarding what is acceptable behavior.
  3. Parents who supply firm and consistent guidance combined with love and affection. Parents balance their own rights with those of their children. Control children's behavior in a caring, responsible non authoritarian way "Do it for this reason" Effective parents are firm and consistent, not harsh or rigid, encourage the child to act responsibly to think and make good decisions. Produces children who are resilient and develop the strengths then need to thrive.
  4. Directly observable actions and private thoughts, thinking, dreaming
  5. Courtroom, a jury is more likely to think a defendant is guilty if the person appears to fit the profile of someone who would commit that crime.

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  1. What is corticalization?A sudden mental re organization of a problem that makes the solution obvious.


  2. What is the difference between adolescence and puberty?in an experiment, condition (usually a behavior) that is affected by the independent variable


  3. How can emotions interfere with problem-solving?An architect is afraid to try an unconventional design because she fears that other architects will think it is frivolous.


  4. What is the average IQ score on the Stanford Binet?The tendency to make the most errors in remembering the middle items of an ordered list


  5. Please be able to recognize or provide and example of conservation.Clay from a ball to a snake, water from a cup to a long narrow test tube


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