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  2. learning
  3. short term memory
  4. piaget
  5. James Lange theory
  1. a 1904-1990; Field: behavioral; Contributions: created techniques to manipulate the consequences of an organism's behavior in order to observe the effects of subsequent behavior; Studies: Skinner box
  2. b "anything that happens to us that alters our thoughts or views"
  3. c activated memory that holds a few items briefly, before information is stored or forgotten
  4. d we are afraid BECAUSE WE TREMBLE, different PATTERNS of autonomic activation lead to the experience of different emotions
  5. e Swiss psychologist remembered for his studies of cognitive development in children (4 stages)(1896-1980)

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  1. a reason for doing something
  2. a stimulus that does not initially elicit a response
  3. nothing that we've learned, just natural physical response such (dog saliva/straw lecture story)
  4. this is what the bell tone in the dog experiments is considered
  5. a tendency to approach a problem in a particular way, often a way that has been successful in the past

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  1. ivan pavlovRussian physiologist who observed conditioned salivary responses in dogs (1849-1936) (CLASSICAL CONDITIONING)


  2. conditioned stimulusin classical conditioning, a stimulus that unconditionally—naturally and automatically—triggers a response.


  3. state dependentthe cue is the environment you learnt it in


  4. conditioned responsethe stimulus that is the occasion for a conditioned response


  5. shaping"anything that happens to us that alters our thoughts or views"


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