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  1. higher order conditioning
  2. psychic energy
  3. neutral stimulus
  4. childhood amnesia
  5. drive
  1. a Pairing a second conditioned stimulus with the first conditioned stimulus in order to produce a second conditioned response.
  2. b A phenomenon that no one can accurately recall events from the first three years of life.
  3. c a stimulus that does not initially elicit a response
  4. d Freud's term for the biologically based instinctual drives that he believed fuels behavior, thoughts and feelings
  5. e state of tension produced by a need that motivates an organism toward a goal

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  1. the indvidual that published the first measure of intelligence in 1905. The purpose of his intelligence test was to correctly place students on academic tracks in the French school system.
  2. the cue is the environment you learnt it in
  3. a reason for doing something
  4. your memory for meanings and general (impersonal) facts
  5. humanistic psychology; hierarchy of needs-needs at a lower level dominate an individual's motivation as long as they are unsatisfied; self-actualization, transcendence

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  1. aptitude testingA test designed to predict future performance


  2. extinction(psychiatry) the classical defense mechanism that protects you from impulses or ideas that would cause anxiety by preventing them from becoming conscious


  3. piagetSwiss psychologist remembered for his studies of cognitive development in children (4 stages)(1896-1980)


  4. facial feedbackthe process by which the facial muscles send messages to the brain about the basic emotion being expressed


  5. syntaxthe grammatical arrangement of words in sentences


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