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  1. retroactive interference
  2. systematic desensitization
  3. instinct theory
  4. syntax
  5. higher order conditioning
  1. a a technique used in behavior therapy to treat phobias and other behavior problems involving anxiety
  2. b the disruptive effect of new learning on the recall of old information
  3. c the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences
  4. d Pairing a second conditioned stimulus with the first conditioned stimulus in order to produce a second conditioned response.
  5. e theory that states behavior is motivated by instincts

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  1. state of deprivation
  2. state of tension produced by a need that motivates an organism toward a goal
  3. an operant conditioning procedure in which reinforcers guide behavior toward closer and closer approximations of the desired behavior
  4. researchers who did major studies on classical conditoning and taste aversions - rats
  5. a tendency to approach a problem in a particular way, often a way that has been successful in the past

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  1. aptitude testingA test designed to predict future performance


  2. semantic memorythe immediate, initial recording of sensory information in the memory system


  3. conditioned stimulusthis is what the bell tone in the dog experiments is considered


  4. unconditioned responsein classical conditioning, the unlearned, naturally occurring response to the unconditioned stimulus (US), such as salivation when food is in the mouth.


  5. psychic energyFreud's term for the biologically based instinctual drives that he believed fuels behavior, thoughts and feelings


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