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  1. Definitive host of plasmodium is
  2. Hemozoin
  3. Benign Tertian Malaria
  4. Can a baby catch malaria from mom?
  5. Does plasmodium have antigenic variation?
  1. a No, but sticky RBCs cause low birth weight and thus stillbirth
  2. b P. vivax. BTM is when you have 48 hr recurring fevers.
  3. c Yep
  4. d mosquito
  5. e Found in plasmodium apicomplexans. A pigment they produce as a result of hemoglobin breakdown.

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  1. P. falciparum
  2. Killing vector or preventing vector contact - insecticides, larvicides, bed nets
  3. Where you find malaria, tropical regions like Africa, South America, Southern Asia
  4. asexual schizogony
  5. It can invade though at least 4 different receptors

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  1. Factors that affect plasmodium transmission1. Human reservoirs that are aymptomatic 2. Naïve host 3. Vector 4. Climate


  2. Quartan malariaP. vivax. BTM is when you have 48 hr recurring fevers.


  3. 43% of malaria casesP. vivax


  4. Is plasmodium heteroxenous or monoxenous?Yep


  5. 2 main factors for resistance to Plasmodium~50 var genes, only one expressed at a time. var switching can lead to recrudescence.


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