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  1. Invades any RBC
  2. Explain why different types of plasmodium cause different types of fevers?
  3. Forms of plasmodium that are a zoonosis
  4. What is the problem with trying to treat infected individuals with malaria? Can you eradicate the disease in this way?
  1. a P. malariae
  2. b Fevers are tied to generation of merozoites and rupture of RBC's. Rupture causes fever. Less synchrony in P. falciparum, so you have more constant fever
  3. c There will always be asymptomatic carriers
  4. d P. falciparum

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  1. mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles
  2. 48 hr recurring fevers, More drawn out. P. falciparum
  3. Mosquito bite (sporozoite injection) or blood transfusion
  4. No, but sticky RBCs cause low birth weight and thus stillbirth
  5. mosquito

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  1. Discuss P. ovaleQuartan malaria w/ 72 hr recurring fevers. 7% of cases. ZOONOSIS only in monkeys. Invades old RBCs. Doesn't go dormant, but can exist at really small levels up to 53 years.


  2. Sickle cell traitsingle a.a. substitution. Homozygosity usually results in death by age 30. Heterozygosity confers 80-95% protection against severe malaria. Selected for only in Africa.


  3. Plasmodium diagnosis1. Clinical manifestations of disease 2. Visualization of parasites in stained blood smears 3. Dipstick method for detecting antigen 4. PCR


  4. List the different species of mosquitoes that can harbor malaria and what region4 widely known, 1 new recent one.


  5. Factors that affect plasmodium transmission1. Human reservoirs that are aymptomatic 2. Naïve host 3. Vector 4. Climate


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