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  1. Ancient disease.
  2. How is Plasmodium different from other apicomplexans?
  3. Life cycle of plasmodium in vertebrate
  4. Plasmodium kills a lot of people 1-3 million per year, but most are
  5. Sch├╝ffner's dots can be found where
  1. a 1. Pigment called Hemozoin 2. Apical complex lacks conoid 3. Zygotes are motile, known as ookinetes 4. Sporozoites are not enclosed in sporocysts.
  2. b in P. vivax and P. ovale.
  3. c Plasmodium - P. Falciparum believed to have killed Egyptian pharaohs 1500 B.C
  4. d 1. Mosquito injects SPOROZOITE into blood 2. sporozoite invades liver cells and becomes TROPHOZOITE 3. Replication by exoerythrocytic schizogony, trophozoites to MEROZOITES 4. merozoites released and attack RBCs 5. merozoites to RING STAGE TROPHOZOITES (cycles back to merozoites or macrogametocyte) 6. Macrogametocytes and microgametocytes form zygote.
  5. e children under 5 years old

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  1. 1. Plasmodium falciparum 2. Plasmodium vivax 3. Plasmodium malariae 4. Plasmodium ovale 5. Plasmodium knowlesi
  2. 1. Severe anemia 2. Cerebral malaria (coma, seizures, deadly in 25-50%) because RBC's become sticky in brain. Cytokines and NO production 3. Placental malaria (infection of the placenta, not transplacental, reduces blood flow to baby - low birth weight and still birth. 4. Can also lead to hypoglycemia and hepatosplenomegally, and pulmonary edema and kidney failure.
  3. P. vivax, invades young RBC's using a single receptor. The DUFFY BLOOD GROUPS or DUFFY ANTIGENs, makes them resistant . Fy=resistant. Fy^a or Fy^b = susceptible.
  4. After the ring stage trophozoites comes out of liver and produces all the gametocytes, the mosquito bites and ingests the gametocytes from the blood. 1. Macrogamete and microgamete form zygote 2. Ookinete develops and crosses midgut epithelium 3 Ookinete to oocyst 4. Oocyst gives rise to sporozoites via sporogony and the sporozoites go to salivary gland to be injected into host.
  5. P. vivax

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  1. 2 main factors for resistance to Plasmodium1. Duffy Blood group in west africans protects against p. vivax 2. Sickle cell trait - the heterozygous individuals. Selected for in African ancestries.


  2. Quartan malaria72 hr recurring fevers


  3. Why do Duffy antigens not help against P. falciparum?It can invade though at least 4 different receptors


  4. Benign Tertian Malaria48 hr recurring fevers, More drawn out. P. falciparum


  5. Explain why different types of plasmodium cause different types of fevers?Fevers are tied to generation of merozoites and rupture of RBC's. Rupture causes fever. Less synchrony in P. falciparum, so you have more constant fever


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