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  1. The five species cause human malaria
  2. 43% of malaria cases
  3. Discuss P. malariae
  4. Factors that affect plasmodium transmission
  5. Invades any RBC
  1. a 1. Plasmodium falciparum 2. Plasmodium vivax 3. Plasmodium malariae 4. Plasmodium ovale 5. Plasmodium knowlesi
  2. b P. falciparum
  3. c 1. Human reservoirs that are aymptomatic 2. Naïve host 3. Vector 4. Climate
  4. d Quartan malaria w/ 72 hr recurring fevers. 7% of cases. ZOONOSIS only in monkeys. Invades old RBCs. Doesn't go dormant, but can exist at really small levels up to 53 years.
  5. e P. vivax

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  1. 72 hr recurring fevers
  2. 1. Anemia arising from RBC destruction (merozoites released) 2. Host inflammatory response (overproduction of cytokines, fevers and chills)
  3. 1. Severe anemia 2. Cerebral malaria (coma, seizures, deadly in 25-50%) because RBC's become sticky in brain. Cytokines and NO production 3. Placental malaria (infection of the placenta, not transplacental, reduces blood flow to baby - low birth weight and still birth. 4. Can also lead to hypoglycemia and hepatosplenomegally, and pulmonary edema and kidney failure.
  4. 1. Mosquito injects SPOROZOITE into blood 2. sporozoite invades liver cells and becomes TROPHOZOITE 3. Replication by exoerythrocytic schizogony, trophozoites to MEROZOITES 4. merozoites released and attack RBCs 5. merozoites to RING STAGE TROPHOZOITES (cycles back to merozoites or macrogametocyte) 6. Macrogametocytes and microgametocytes form zygote.
  5. 1. Clinical manifestations of disease 2. Visualization of parasites in stained blood smears 3. Dipstick method for detecting antigen 4. PCR

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  1. 7% of malaria casesP. falciparum


  2. How does hemozoin screw things up? Drugs do what?syngamy followed by sporogony


  3. What does P. falciparum do when it infects RBCsThe infected RBCs bind to epithelium causes knobs and rosettes, and ruins clearance in liver and spleen


  4. Sickle cell traitMild tertian malaria - 48 hr recurring fevers. Rare. Difficult to diagnose because of similarity to P. vivax. Can relapse - hypnozoite Schüffner's dots.


  5. Most pathogenic strain of plasmodium~50 var genes, only one expressed at a time. var switching can lead to recrudescence.


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