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  1. Quartan malaria
  2. The five species cause human malaria
  3. Antigenic variation in plasmodium
  4. What does P. falciparum do when it infects RBCs
  5. You catch this disease more easily during wartime because of breaks in sanitation
  1. a The infected RBCs bind to epithelium causes knobs and rosettes, and ruins clearance in liver and spleen
  2. b 1. Plasmodium falciparum 2. Plasmodium vivax 3. Plasmodium malariae 4. Plasmodium ovale 5. Plasmodium knowlesi
  3. c 72 hr recurring fevers
  4. d malaria - plasmodium
  5. e ~50 var genes, only one expressed at a time. var switching can lead to recrudescence.

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  1. End product of plasmodium trophozoite digestion of hemoglobin. It's insoluble, not toxic to parasite. It reduces macrophage function, which aid in phagocytosing and killing merozoites, so hurts immune response. Drugs can prevent hemozoin production, and thus macrophages can kill merozoites
  2. mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles
  3. children under 5 years old
  4. 4 widely known, 1 new recent one.
  5. syngamy followed by sporogony

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  1. List the different species of mosquitoes that can harbor malaria and what region4 widely known, 1 new recent one.


  2. Hypnozoite stage is present inP. vivax and P. ovale


  3. Can a baby catch malaria from mom?Chloroquine, Quinine, Mefloquine, Artemisinin. Drug resistance has developed for these drugs - Chloroquine sucks and Artemisinin is the best, but drug resistance to everything is a problem.


  4. How is Plasmodium different from other apicomplexans?1. Pigment called Hemozoin 2. Apical complex lacks conoid 3. Zygotes are motile, known as ookinetes 4. Sporozoites are not enclosed in sporocysts.


  5. Most pathogenic strain of plasmodium~50 var genes, only one expressed at a time. var switching can lead to recrudescence.


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