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  1. (Theodore) Roosevelt
  2. Scopes Monkey Trial
  3. Triple Entente
  4. George Creel
  5. Archduke Francis Ferdinand
  1. a Vice President of McKinely. This man is very outdoorsy and politically astute as well as an extremely strong executive.
  2. b Man hired by Wilson to head the Committee for Public Information.
  3. c Assassinated by the Black Hand this led to the start of WWI because he was the succesor to the A-H throne.
  4. d France, Britain, Russia
  5. e John Scopes, a teacher who teaches evolution in school in Dayton, Tennessee, is arrested and put on trial for breaking state law. Win for the urban sector even though Scopes was proven guilty.

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  1. Court case that decides the Espionage and Sedition Acts are legal.
  2. A German U-Boat sinks this passenger ship which actually hed ammunition and gets Americans riled up.
  3. Explosion of Black art, philosophy, expression, politics, and identity.
  4. The three tiers of entitlement Woodrow Wilson sought to battle
  5. What's the name of the party Roosevelt establishes in the election of 1912 when he doesn't get the nomination?

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  1. Zimmerman TelegramTelegram asking Mexico to attack America from Germany.


  2. Teapot Dome ScandalSecretary of the Interior, Albert Falls, leases federally protected oil fields to private companies in exchange for bribes.


  3. Wilson's Fourteen PointsVery idealistic plan to ensure world peace, introduces the League of Nations, very concilliatory towards Germany.


  4. Meat Inspection Act of 1906Act declaring that all meat transported over state lines will be inspected.


  5. Federal Reserve ActFirst substantial reduction of tariff since Civil War.


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