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  1. (Warren G) Harding
  2. Marcus Garvey and United Negro Improvement Association
  3. Luisitania
  4. (William Howard) Taft
  5. Federal Trade Commission Act
  1. a This man and his organization promoted the idea the Blacks needed to be independent of white society and led a back to Africa movement by establishing the Black Star Cruise Line both fail.
  2. b Allows government to investigate corporations for trust-like actions.
  3. c Ran with the slogan "Return to Normalcy" and conveys the idea that the Progressive idea was abnormal. Surrounds himself with friends.
  4. d A German U-Boat sinks this passenger ship which actually hed ammunition and gets Americans riled up.
  5. e Roosevelt's handpicked successor who thought all trusts were bad and should be prosecuted. He breaks up the Steel Trust that was given Roosevelt's blessing.

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  1. Very idealistic plan to ensure world peace, introduces the League of Nations, very concilliatory towards Germany.
  2. U.S. becomes the police of the Western Hemisphere, because Latin American nations owed European nations money and the President wanted to make sure that European nations didn't interfere.
  3. Two Italian anarchists. They're arrested for robbery and murder without proof and are sentenced to death.
  4. Explosion of Black art, philosophy, expression, politics, and identity.
  5. 1923-1928 Extremely conservative and Laissez-Faire. "The business of America is business."

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  1. National War Labor BoardOranized by labor, the government, and management to settle disputes.


  2. Panama CanalMan hired by Wilson to head the Committee for Public Information.


  3. Rural SectorThey are the true America: Chrisitan, moral, and best represent traditions of the nation.


  4. Triple AllianceFrance, Britain, Russia


  5. George CreelMan hired by Wilson to head the Committee for Public Information.


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