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  1. Panama Canal
  2. Bull Moose Party
  3. (Gifford) Pinchot
  4. Schenk v. US
  5. Sacco and Vanzetti
  1. a What's the name of the party Roosevelt establishes in the election of 1912 when he doesn't get the nomination?
  2. b Two Italian anarchists. They're arrested for robbery and murder without proof and are sentenced to death.
  3. c Court case that decides the Espionage and Sedition Acts are legal.
  4. d Roosevelt's Chief of Forest Service who sets aside 125 million acres of land.
  5. e Canal built by U.S. 1904-1917.

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  1. Era marked by the expansive action of the government; the government reasserts itself over business interests.
  2. Roosevelt sends the Navy on a worldwide tour to illustrate America's naval power to the world--especially Asia.
  3. Roosevelt's handpicked successor who thought all trusts were bad and should be prosecuted. He breaks up the Steel Trust that was given Roosevelt's blessing.
  4. Very idealistic plan to ensure world peace, introduces the League of Nations, very concilliatory towards Germany.
  5. The three tiers of entitlement Woodrow Wilson sought to battle

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  1. (Woodrow) WilsonThis democratic nominee wins the election of 1912.


  2. Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906All sold food must be of good value; packaging must accurately state the effects of the drug.


  3. (Warren G) HardingRan with the slogan "Return to Normalcy" and conveys the idea that the Progressive idea was abnormal. Surrounds himself with friends.


  4. Urban SectorThey are the true America: Chrisitan, moral, and best represent traditions of the nation.


  5. (Calvin) Coolidge1923-1928 Extremely conservative and Laissez-Faire. "The business of America is business."


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