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  1. Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
  2. Sacco and Vanzetti
  3. Triple Entente
  4. Sixteenth Amendment
  5. Progressive Era
  1. a Allowed income tax to replace tariffs as the primary source of income.
  2. b France, Britain, Russia
  3. c U.S. becomes the police of the Western Hemisphere, because Latin American nations owed European nations money and the President wanted to make sure that European nations didn't interfere.
  4. d Two Italian anarchists. They're arrested for robbery and murder without proof and are sentenced to death.
  5. e Era marked by the expansive action of the government; the government reasserts itself over business interests.

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  1. More aggressive anti-trust law that protected labor unions.
  2. John Scopes, a teacher who teaches evolution in school in Dayton, Tennessee, is arrested and put on trial for breaking state law. Win for the urban sector even though Scopes was proven guilty.
  3. 1919-1933. 18th Amendment is passed, prohibiting the sale and manufacturing of alcohol.
  4. Journalists and artists who used their talents to expose the underhanded workings of business and govt.
  5. A German U-Boat sinks this passenger ship which actually hed ammunition and gets Americans riled up.

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  1. (William Howard) TaftSet up a series of regional banks to better control the flow of money.


  2. FlappersJournalists and artists who used their talents to expose the underhanded workings of business and govt.


  3. Northern Securities CaseTheodore Roosevelt orders the Justice department to investigate and prosecute J.P. Morgan's holding company for an anti-trust violation.


  4. Rural SectorView themselves as educated, scientific, and avante garde.


  5. George CreelThis head of the Veteran's Bureau steals $200 million.


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